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PNC Field is a great place to watch a Minor League Baseball game, but there are some rules to know as you head our way:

  • No firearms, knives or weapons of any kind are allowed within the ticket areas or parking lots of PNC Field.
  • Fans attending events at PNC Field do so at their own risk. Baseballs, both hit or thrown, bats and other items, do leave the field of play during events at PNC Field so fans should direct their attention to the field at all times during the vent.
  • Guests entering the playing field or throwing (or attempting to throw) objects, with the exception of promotional events conducted by authorized event personnel in the stands or onto the field will be subject to immediate removal.
  • Interfering while a ball is in play is subject to removal from PNC Field at the discretion of the SWB RailRiders Management.
  • No alcohol, illegal drugs, food, drink, glass, metal cans, coolers or air horns are allowed into PNC Field.
  • Anyone drinking alcohol under the legal age, using illegal drugs, or breaking any other laws will be subject to immediate removal from PNC Field and will be reported to proper authorities.
  • Any guest perceived to be in an intoxicated or impaired state may be denied admission.
  • PNC Field is a smoke-free ballpark - smoking is only allowed in designated areas outside of the ticketed area. Guests who fail to comply with the no-smoking policy will be asked to exit the PNC Field grounds.
  • Anyone using obscene language or engaging in conduct offensive to those around them will be asked by SWB RailRiders personnel to cease the conduct, if the problem persists, appropriate action will be taken.
  • Tickets must be shown to all ballpark personnel upon request. Anyone that does not have a valid ticket will be removed from PNC Field immediately. A ticket grants access to public areas of PNC Field - any attempts to enter private or team access areas of the park without permission from SWB RailRiders Management will result in immediate removal.
  • In the event of an evacuation of PNC Field, all guests are to abide by the directions of authorized personnel.
  • Items intended for sale or trade may not be brought onto PNC Field property, including all parking areas, without a permit or license from the SWB RailRiders.
  • Tailgating is allowed only in designated areas of the PNC Field parking lot. Only one parking space per vehicle is allowed.
  • No vehicles are allowed to remain in PNC Field parking lot grounds overnight. Those vehicles will be subject to towing at vehicle owner's expense.
  • All bags brought into PNC Field will be subject to search before entering PNC Field. No large bags (OVER 16"x16"x8") will be allowed in to PNC Field.
  • Umbrellas are permitted into PNC Field.
  • Lawn chairs are not permitted into PNC Field.
  • No pets will be allowed entry into PNC Field, except service animals and during specific events that have been designated as pet-friendly by SWB RailRiders Management.
  • No roller blades, roller skates, wheeled shoes, skateboards, bicycles or scooters are allowed in PNC Field. Strollers brought into PNC Field must be folded and stored safely under seats or other designated areas so as not to interfere with other fans.

If you have any other questions please call 570-969-2255 today!