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Triple-A Affiliate
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Have fun and benefit your group! Are you a part of a charitable organization, school or a 501c3 registered non-profit? Then your group or organization can sell RailRiders tickets for just $13 and watch the profits roll in! Plus, get a great night out to celebrate your hard work.

Bleacher Ticket Pricing:

  • $8 if selling 20-199 tickets
  • $7 if selling 200 or more tickets

Any day or night of the week!

Fundraising Information

Your group will see a $5 profit from each ticket you sell and see your group's name in lights on the night of your game.

The price per ticket for all tickets drops $1, yielding a $6 profit from each ticket you sell. You also get your group's name in lights on the night of your game and a table to promote your organization on the concourse.

Your group will receive all of the benefits from the first two tiers plus a special shout out on our social media pages.

You will receive all benefits from the first three tiers and your group can earn a guest appearance at an upcoming event by CHAMP, the RailRiders team mascot!

For more information on fundraising, contact our Group Sales Department by calling (570) 969-BALL or emailing [email protected]