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We'll Wipe the Competition With Our Promotions During the June 4-9 Homestand

June 3, 2024

ST. PAUL, MN (June 3, 2024) - It’s been two long weeks since you last saw us at CHS Field. Wipe away your two-week slumber and use the force to remember your favorite baseball team. It’s the schedule makers own damn fault for sending us away for this long, but

ST. PAUL, MN (June 3, 2024) - It’s been two long weeks since you last saw us at CHS Field. Wipe away your two-week slumber and use the force to remember your favorite baseball team. It’s the schedule makers own damn fault for sending us away for this long, but the pride we’ll show our fans over the next six games can’t be measured. This is going to be a nice homestand with monster surprises from June 4-9.

Tuesday, June 4 vs. Syracuse Mets (New York Mets), 7:07 p.m. – Toilet Paper Drive brought to you by Innovative Office Solutions

There are countless uses for toilet paper. We’ll show you every one of them during our annual Toilet Paper Drive presented by Innovative Office Solutions. Whether you’re a front to back, back to front, fold it into squares, or scrunch it type of person this is a day we can all agree giving back is most important. While the average person spends approximately three years sitting on the toilet during their lifetime, they use more than 60,000 rolls of toilet paper in that time. With so much TP being consumed the St. Paul Saints and Innovative Office Solutions are rolling out their annual Toilet Paper Drive. The collection of toilet paper on this night will be donated to 2nd Harvest Heartland. What better way to celebrate toilet paper than on a Sun Country Travel Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 5 vs. Syracuse Mets, 7:07 p.m. – Pride Night presented by Cub

The inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community is extremely important. Pride Month takes place in June to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June, 1969. The goal is to uplift the voices of the LGBTQ+ community, celebrate the culture, and support their rights. Bring on the parades, drag performances, celebrations of life for members of the community as we celebrate Pride Night presented by Cub. Pride celebrations stretch from the largest cities to the smallest rural towns and across every continent, including Antarctica. There is no right way to celebrate, so come out and help us rejoice in a Saints-like way. Find all the cities holding a pride event during our Explore Minnesota Wednesday

Thursday, June 6 vs. Syracuse Mets, 7:07 p.m. – Margaritaville Night presented by North Hennepin Community College

Since 1993, the St. Paul Saints have made sure when you enter the ballpark you leave all your troubles behind. Let the wind blow through your hair, grab your lost shaker of salt, and just chill on this Margaritaville night North Hennepin Community College . If you’re an old man, put on your tank top. Cruise our gift shop, smell our amazing food, and try not to blow out your flip flops. We’ve got frozen concoctions that will help you hang on, strum your six-string in our front porch swing seats, and feel free to stay here all season. If you’re going to do a Margaritaville Night, then you better do it on a Thirsty Thursday featuring $2 beers and two-for-one Bud Light Seltzers.

Friday, June 7 vs. Syracuse Mets, 7:07 p.m. – Star Wars Night with post-game Friday Night Fireworks powered by Xcel Energy

Where does Princess Leia shop for Father’s Day? At the Darth Maul. How does Darth Vader like his toast? On the dark side. This day is no laughing matter. Rebellions may be built on hope, but this day is built on fun and entertainment. Today we will let go of our pride and do what is requested of us on our Star Wars night. The Force Runs Strong in Our Family as you will not Sense Much Fear in Us. We will not allow the Republic to fall under the control of a Dark Lord of the Sith. A special Star Wars package is available that comes complete with a ticket, lightsaber and Jedi training. Stick around after the game for fireworks powered by Xcel Energy to the music of Star Wars.

Saturday, June 8 vs. Syracuse Mets, 6:07 p.m. – Kickoff to Summer with a blanket giveaway (1,500) presented by Quantum Fiber followed by post-game Monster Food Truck Rally and Blaze Credit Union Fireworks Super Show

The uses are plentiful. In the summer they can be used for a picnic. In the winter they can be used to keep you warm. You can have fun with the family and build a fort with them. With summer just a couple of weeks away, we want to get you started on the right foot with a blanket giveaway to the first 1,500 fans presented by Quantum Fiber. While you’re lounging on your blanket you can amaze your friends with summer facts like the word summer comes from the Old English word “somer.” The Eiffel Tower grows in the summer because the iron it’s made from expands when heated, making it up to 17 cm taller. And crickets chirp in the summer with the number of chirps in 25 seconds can be used to calculate the air temperature in Celsius. You’ll sound even smarter putting on your favorite Hawaiian shirt and feeling chill on a Treasure Island Saturday. Following the game come down on the field for our Monster Food Truck Rally and grab delicious food from: Dine-1-1, iPierogi, KCM Egg Rolls, OHM Brownies, Pretty Great Cheesecake, Rollin Nolens, Thai Thai Street Food, Twin Cities Pita, Up In Smoke, and Youniverse Foodie. The night is just getting started because once you satiate your palate, enjoy the Blaze Credit Union Fireworks Super Show.

Sunday, June 9 vs. Syracuse Mets, 2:07 p.m. -Minnesota Urology Day

Did you know a urologist’s favorite keyboard shortcut is CTL+P? Oh boy, urine in trouble today with all the amazing jokes and puns we’re going to make. While we’ll have some fun, we’re also here to educate on Minnesota Urology Day. We’ll provide all the information about UTI’s, kidney stones, bladder and kidney cancer, prostate cancer, and more. You’ll laugh, but also be informed on this day. Stick around after the game for the Cub Family Sunday as kids run the bases.

Saints tickets continue to be a tremendous value. Tickets range in price from $5-$35. Friday home games with Post-Game Fireworks are an additional $3 per ticket. Post-Game Blaze Credit Union Fireworks Supershow on June 8 and Post-Game Fireworks Supershows (July 3, July 4, and September 21) are an additional $4 per ticket. Tickets purchased on the day of the game are an additional $2 per ticket. Children under the age of 12 and seniors 65 and older receive $1 off the admission price. Children under 2 that don't require a seat are free.