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Triple-A Affiliate
The Official Site of the Syracuse Mets Syracuse Mets

The Syracuse Mets are Met-iculously Clean

  • Indoor spaces feature intellipure air purifiers in partnership with Healthway Brands of Pulaski, NY. The intellipure air purifiers deliver powerful results in the reduction of air-born microorganisms
  • NBT Bank Stadium is professionally cleaned after every home game! Cleaning includes:
  • Sweep, vacuum & the use of spic & span disinfecting all-purpose cleaner, comet disinfecting/sanitizing bathroom cleaner, P&G finished floor cleaner
  • Touchpoints - all doorknobs, railings, desks, countertops - are wiped with Clorox disinfecting wipes
  • Indoor spaces are sprayed with Clorox 360 electrostatic disinfecting cleaner
  • Microban applied to all contact surfaces

When you see the Met-iculously clean logo, you know we care to provide good, clean fun!