Collector's Corner: Cupdate #1

By Wisconsin Timber Rattlers | December 18, 2013 1:12 PM ET

I collect a lot of sports related items.  Some would say I collect too many items.  Ok, most, would say I collect too many items.  I've got the normal stuff like bobbleheads and jerseys, the strange stuff like sports cards wrappers, uniform nameplates and locker signs.  Somewhere in between would fall my collection of souvenir stadium cups.  They're called "souvenir" cups, so obviously they are made to collect, but due to my worldly (I consider the US and Canada "the world") travels to see sporting events, I have a pretty extensive collection.  I'm going to break this into three parts, with today covering the Timber Rattlers pre-Brewers souvenir cup history, another one that will showcase the Brewers era cups, and a later issue going through some of my favorites from throughout the sporting world.  So sit back and drink in this cupdate.


Maker: Digital Replay Inc.  Cup type: Lenticular Size: 32 oz

For many years, the Timber Rattlers used a lenticular design on their cups.  If you're not up on your cup terminology, lenticular is the kind of cup that changes pictures as you change the angle you look at it.  The surface has little grooves that make an awesome sound when you run your fingernail over it.

The front features a baseball with a picture of the Fox Cities Stadium playing field turning into the BP logo or "snakehead" with the team's slogan for that year "Too much fun to miss".

The Timber Rattlers were celebrating their 10 season in 2004 and the anniversary logo is on the cup.  But it's not prominently on the cup, as it appears on the side of the cup, sharing a spot with the "R" logo, which is the road logo now, but was the alternate at the time. (Note: cup designs have a seam where the graphic begins and ends.  I will refer to this as the back.  The exact opposite side of the cup is the front and then to either side of the front are the sides.)

My favorite part of the cup is the back, where the seam splits the BP logo in half.  When this design was lying on the table, it probably looked strange, but it is a cool effect when wrapped around the cup.



Maker: Digital Replay Inc.  Cup type: Lenticular Size: 32 oz

This is my favorite lenticular design that we did over the years.  One of the most famous features of a game at Fox Cities Stadium is the Bratzooka, an air cannon that sends a delicious meat and bun projectile hurling through the air at a high rate of speed.

The Bratzooka, being shot by former employee Tom Kulczewski, makes a special guest star appearance on the side of the cup.  When you move the cup side to side, it appears like the bratwurst is flying out of the barrel.

The front has the first appearance of a player on a cup, except I can't figure out which pitcher is just going through the motions.  Brandon Moorhead is our best guess.


Maker: Technimark  Cup type: Lenticular  Size: 32 oz.

A new company led to a new style of cup, with the white 1 inch cuff on the top of the cup going away.  The cup is also slightly shorter and slightly wider than it's predecessors.

The front celebrates the 2005 Timber Rattlers winning the Midwest League's West Division.

The left side shows the sweet lefty swing of Marshall Hubbard

The right side shows the sweet lefty swing of Josh Womack, he of YouTube fame.  If you haven't seen his bat tricks, look them up.  There are always people that claim they are fake.  I've seen them in person, they are real, and they're magnificent.


Maker: Digital Replay  Design type: Lenticular  Size: 32 oz.

This marks a return to Digital Replay and a return to 1 inch less of design space.

The odd part of this year is that there isn't a picture on the front of the cup, just a baseball seam that runs opposite of the design seam.

Lots of logos appear on this cup, but no players.  This is the start of three consecutive seasons without a player being immortalized on the side of a cup.


Maker: Digital Replay/ Dynamic Drinkware  Cup type: Lenticular  Size: 32 oz.

Probably the least busy of all the lenticular designs we have done over the years.

My favorite part of the design is the fiery baseball on the side.  Not much other excitement going on.

So that takes us up to the Brewers affiliation change in 2009.  Major cup changes are on the horizon following the switch.

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