The Interrogation Room: Brandon Macias

Brandon Macias makes a play at third base. (Ann Mollica/Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)

By Chris Mehring / Wisconsin Timber Rattlers | January 16, 2013 6:28 AM ET

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The Milwaukee Brewers signed Brandon Macias as a non-drafted free agent out of Kansas on June 9, 2011.  He played 22 games for the Timber Rattlers in 2011.  He rejoined the Rattlers to start 2012 and had a great year.  Macias led the team in many offensive categories, was among the leaders in several other categories, and was named Milwaukee's Organizational All-Star at third base by

The first edition of The Interrogation Room for 2013 seemed like a good time to talk with Brandon about his season, his big home run against Fort Wayne, and what's ahead for him as spring training gets closer to starting.

The Interrogation Room: You were the Timber Rattlers leader in average, doubles, hits, and on base percentage in 2012.  To what do you attribute your success at the plate last season?

Brandon Macias:  Well a lot of the success comes from our staff.  We worked on a lot of things throughout the season. Also we had a lot of guys who did well this season that helped out. With [Chadwin] Stang hitting in front of me most of the season and getting on opened up a lot of different holes on the field for me. And with Ben [McMahan], Nick [Ramirez], Hoppy [Greg Hopkins] and everyone else behind me I got to see a lot of pitches to hit last season. We had a pretty strong lineup each day.

Q: What were some of the things that you worked on with hitting coach Dusty Rhodes during the season?

BM: The main thing we worked on was "staying through it".  I'm sure you heard Dusty say that from time to time. It almost fell into the category of one of his sayings this year because he said it so much. We also worked a lot on hitting the ball the other way this season. And the biggest thing we worked on was how to "just hit the dang thing!" (Haha)

Q: You also set a franchise record for being hit by pitches with 21.  How can you explain getting hit so much?  Did opposing pitchers just not like you?

BM: If the opposing pitchers didn't like me then I would like to think I was doing something right in the box (haha). But to be honest I'm not really sure why I got hit so much it kind of shocked me a little. But I like to crowd the plate and if the pitch is coming at me I'm going to wear one for the team. Anything I do that can help out is the way to go.

Q: As a non-drafted free agent, do you have the proverbial "Chip on the Shoulder" when you go out on the field?

BM: Honestly, if I was the first pick overall in the draft I would hope I still would play with a "chip on my shoulder." But it really doesn't matter to me where I got drafted.  I was blessed enough to be able to play a game every day for a living, and I love baseball.  So having it be my job is just a plus for me.

Q: Was there a point during the regular season where you realized the team had a chance to win the Championship?

BM: When we clinched the first half. When we were all celebrating on the bus at south bend I took a picture with my I pone and I thought to myself "We're probably going to win it all!" I knew that with the type of guys we had we were going to win it.

Q: You had one of the biggest hits of the Championship Series, the three-run homer in Game Three at Fort Wayne.  Before the homer, the game was tied 3-3 with two outs in the fourth.  Then, you hit your first home run in 16 games to put the Rattlers in front.  We heard from Chadwin Stang, the on-deck hitter at the time, on what he was feeling as you hit the ball.  What were you thinking and feeling as you rounded the bases?

BM: It's kind of funny because I think it was the day before you had told me I was about due for a home run.  It seemed like it was about 16 games between each burst of power for me (haha). But earlier in the game Adrian [Williams] had tied the game with a line drive up the middle and that right there took a lot of pressure off. But as I was rounding the bases I was just thinking "we got this!" And I knew we were going to win. But the feelings didn't come until after the game really.  It didn't quite hit me until you tweeted a picture at me right after the game. It was an awesome feeling though, every kid dreams of being in that moment, "full count, two outs... Here comes the pitch...It's gone!" It was great and I still probably haven't quite lived down the moment yet. It was awesome

Q: That homer went out to a spot that not a lot of balls go in that stadium.  Is that the best you have squared up a ball?

BM: That one definitely was one of my furthest I hit. But I squared one up a little more at Quad Cities that left the whole stadium. I remember coming into the dugout and Rammer said "Wow... If you ever were going to "pimp" a home run that was the one right there, it cleared the fence over the hill."

Q: I just looked back at the playoff stats and saw that you had ten hits, reached on five walks, and scored nine runs in nine games.  That is taking the role of table setter very seriously, isn't it?

BM: I guess so. Matt told me before the playoffs that he was going to move me to the leadoff spot. It worked out really well for us. I'm not your typical lead off guy but at the time I was getting on base a lot so it worked out well for the team. It seemed when things were going good for us I was getting on, Stang would move me over somehow and Ben would hit me in. Just like that! Put one on the board for the T-Rats! (Haha)

Q: What was the best part of the 2012 season for you?

BM: The best part was definitely winning the whole thing. That's our World Series! That's a moment I will never forget and also the relationships I made with all our guys this season.

Q: What have you been doing since the season ended?

BM: I took a few weeks off then got right back at it in the weight room and hitting and all that good stuff. And I'm also working with a network marketing company called Vemma, and it has been going pretty well for me.

Q: Did the Brewers give you anything to work on for the 2013 season?

BM: Specifically, not really.  But, there is always room for improvement. I would like to improve all aspects of my game and get faster for the 2013 season.

Q: Have you heard when you are to report to Maryvale for Spring Training?

BM: I have not heard yet but I do live out here in AZ so I will be there as soon as possible; probably around February 16th.

Thanks, Brandon and congratulations on a great 2012.

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