Top Five Foreign Countries

I, for one, welcome our new Dominican overlords.

By Chris Mehring / Wisconsin Timber Rattlers | March 11, 2014 11:35 AM ET

Last week, Top Five Tuesday had the states that produced the most Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. This week, here's a look at the top five foreign countries that have sent us the most Timber Rattlers.

Honorable mention surprised me a bit. I thought that there would be more Australian Timber Rattlers, but there have been only five since 1995.

5.) Colombia (6):  If honorable mention surprised me, #5 on the list shocked me. You don't necessarily think of Colombia as a country that produces baseball players. But, I rechecked it and sure enough. Six Colombians have been Timber Rattlers and it started with third baseman Carlos Villalobos on the first team in 1995.

4.) Puerto Rico (22):  Technically, Puerto Rico is a United States Territory. But, when I narrowed last week's list to States, I handcuffed myself and didn't want to leave Puerto Rico out of both countdowns. Yadiel Rivera would be pretty unhappy with me if I did that.

3.) Canada (25):  There were a few players from our neighbor to the north during the Mariner affiliation: Lanny Patten, Tanner Watson, and Sebastien Boucher spring immediately to my mind. But, that number took a big jump since the Brewers became the parent club of the Rattlers. Taylor Green, Brock Kjeldgaard, Brett Lawrie, and Jim Henderson were just four of the Canadians to play for the Rattlers in 2009. Since then, we've seen Joey Paciorek, Chadwin Stang, and STOSH!

2.) Venezuela (33):  If you follow the Timber Rattlers, it shouldn't be a surprise which two countries top this list. It was just a question of what the order of finish would be. Venezuela, with Felix Hernandez as the big name on this list, has an impressive number of Timber Rattlers. But, they would finish a distant second to number one on the list.

1.) Dominican Republic (59):  The only place that has produced more Timber Rattlers than the country that takes up just over half of the island of Hispaniola is California (84). David Ortiz leads this list.

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