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Fan Cutouts

LET'S GO FANS! Help us pack the house this season with your very own Fan Cutout.

The Mud Hens and Walleye have teamed up with Lexus of Toledo and Metzgers to produce and install personalized cutouts to be at every home game during the 2021 season—until you can be back in your seat.

Order a Fan Cutout of yourself, family member or pet to show your T-Town support for the Mud Hens baseball season.

Fan Cutout: $50

Includes Fan Cutout to be placed at Fifth Third Field during the 2021 season

Fan Cutout + Mystery Box: $75

Includes Fan Cutout to be placed at Fifth Third Field during the 2021 season + Mud Hens Mystery Box (includes two premium promo items and a cap)

Fan Cutout Guidelines


  • Wear your favorite Mud Hens or Walleye attire.
  • Make sure your shirt or jersey does not blend in with your background.
  • If you wear glasses or a hat, make sure to avoid glares, flashbacks, and shadows.


  • Avoid backlighting by finding a light source and directly facing it.
  • Do not put your back to the light source.
  • Make sure personal and/or private information is not pictured.
  • Solid-colored backgrounds work best.


  • One person or pet per photo.
  • Do not take a selfie. Have someone else take your photo for you or set a timer on your camera.
  • For the best results, stand 3-4 feet from the camera.
  • Position the camera at eye-level, frame yourself from the waist-up, and include some space around your head and shoulders.
  • Take the photo in a vertical (portrait) format, and make sure it is formatted in the largest file size possible (must be at least 1 MB).
  • Don’t raise your arms above your shoulders or outside of your body width. They will be cropped out.


  • You can hold a sign or prop (flag, foam hand, etc.), but it needs to stay within your body width.
  • Signs must be team-related, in good taste and not of a commercial nature.
  • NOTE: Inappropriate gestures, offensive or negative references to any ECHL/MiLB team or player, and political statements or endorsements will not be allowed.


  • Once you have followed the guidelines above, you are ready to submit your photo! NOTE: If you want to use a pre-existing photo, make sure your file is over 1 MB.
  • Smaller files may be blurry or not as crisp.
  • All purchasers will be prompted to read and accept the consent and release form.

Purchasers whose image(s) is not approved will receive notification and further details from the Toledo Mud Hens and Walleye organization.

NOTE: Once ordered, photo cutouts are non-refundable.

Fan Cutout FAQs

Q: Can I purchase more than one Fan Cutout?

A: Yes! You can purchase multiple cutouts for one or both teams. If you purchase a cutout for both teams and want to use different images, you will need to specify which picture(s) goes to which team when you place the order.

Q: Can I submit a photo of my pet?

A: You bet. We love pet photos. Make sure your pet photo adheres to the photo submission guidelines.

Q: How will I know if my photo is approved?

A: You will receive an approval email within 24-48 hours from Tyler Clark or Troy Hammersmith after your photo submission has been reviewed. If the photo does not meet the guidelines, you will receive an email asking for a resubmission.

Q: If I change my mind on the photo I sent, can I resend?

A: Sorry, once you submit a photo, we cannot exchange it for a different one. Please make sure you love it and will be happy to have it represent you the entire season.

Q: Can I request where my Fan Cutout will be located in the stadium/arena?

A: The Toledo Mud Hens and Walleye reserve the right to determine the placement of each cutout and cannot accept special requests. Locations may change throughout the season.

Q: What happens if my Fan Cutout is damaged by weather, nearby fans or other circumstances?

A: The Toledo Mud Hens and Walleye are not responsible for any damaged cutouts and the cutout will not be replaced. For more information, reference the Legal Consent and Release that each purchaser is required to accept.

Q: What happens to my Fan Cutout at the end of the season?

A: Fan Cutouts will not be available for pick up at the end of the season.

For any other questions, contact Troy Hammersmith at [email protected].