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Ballpark Campout

Campouts are no longer exclusive to scouts, everyone is invited to spend the night at Fifth Third Field! Sleep under the stars at Fifth Third Field for the first ever public campout on 94,000 square feet of perfectly maintained grass in downtown Toledo. Get the ultimate experience with your friends or family with baseball, fireworks, run-the-bases, a movie from the field on our brand new 3,700 square foot video board and camp out in the outfield. Pack your tents and get ready for a beautiful night under the stars. Packages are $30 and include your Mud Hens game ticket, the postgame movie and sleepover on the field, and a sleepover-exclusive gift.

Event Date

Saturday, June 29 at 7:05 p.m.


Special Features

  • June 29 Mud Hens game ticket
  • Postgame fireworks
  • Postgame movie and sleepover on the field
  • Sleepover-exclusive gift 


Event Itinerary

Fireworks & Campers Run the Bases

The spectacular postgame downtown Toledo fireworks show beings approximstely 20 minutes following the conclusion of the game. Immediately following the completion of the fireworks, Ballpark Campout participants are encouraged to leave through the home plate gate to collect all sleepover gear from your vehicles for the night and reenter through the same entrance. Ballpark Campout participants are invited to run the bases when they re-enter the stadium, after getting their sleepover gear from their cars. The entrance to the field is between section 115 and 116.


Sleepover on the Field

Once the field is cleared, the campers will be allowed to bring their tents and snacks onto the field for the night between sections 103-104 and between sections 118-119. There will be a family-friendly movie on the giant video board at this time. Ballpark lights out will be 15 minutes following the conclusion of the movie. Easily accessible restrooms will be open on the main concourse. Morning wake-up call will be at 8 a.m. All campers will clean up their sites and have all belongings removed from the field by 9 a.m. All campers should depart Fifth Third Field by 9:30 a.m.


Military Appreciation Weekend

The Toledo Mud Hens will become the Toledo "Stingers" for the June 28 and June 29 games to celebrate the Ohio National Guard's 180th Fighter Wing during Military Appreciation Weekend. The 180th Fighter Wing, based out of Swanton, Ohio, is at the forefront of our nation's security. The more than 1,000 men and women and 20 aircraft are the first defense providing combat ready Airmen for federal, state, and community missions. Specialty jerseys, veteran recognition, and a special Fighter Jet Muddy bobblehead will make the weekend to remember.


Ballpark Campout FAQ

  • How should we transport our camping gear onto the field? We must ask that you NOT bring wagons or coolers with wheels onto the field. All camping gear transport should be done by CARRYING items onto the field.
  • When should we transport our camping gear onto the field? After the game / fireworks are over you should return to your vehicle to grab your gear and reenter at the HOME PLATE GATE. This will be the only entrance for the sleepover. This gate will lock for the evening approximately one hour after the game/fireworks ends. You will not be allowed onto the field until it is safe.
  • How do we access the field? Sections 103-104 and 118-119 will be the ONLY entry points onto the field when bringing in your equipment and tents. Mud Hens staff members will direct you where you should place your tent. If you desire to be with a group of people we recommend getting in line together and be as close to the front of the line as possible to provide you the most options.
  • What do we need to get into the sleepover? There will be a Ballpark Campout wristband included in your sleepover packet; you will need to put this on your wrist to enter for the sleepover portion of the night. This wristband will be checked when you enter the ballpark at the HOME PLATE GATE for the sleepover portion of the evening. Only those with sleepover wristbands will be able to sleepover.
  • Will there be concession stands open during the sleepover? No, there will be no concession stands open for the sleepover. The ballpark pub at Holy Toledo Tavern will be open until midnight. Ballpark Campout guests are allowed to bring food and non-alcoholic beverage into the ballpark for the sleepover portion only. No food or beverage is allowed in the ballpark for the game.
  • Will there be restrooms open during the sleepover? Yes, one set of restrooms on the first and third base side of the main concourse will remain open for the entire night.
  • If we need to leave in the middle of the night, can we? Once we have everyone on the field all the gates in the ballpark will be locked. However, if you need to leave in the middle of the night for any reason you may do so through the suite level glass doors behind home plate. Please note that these doors will lock behind you, so once you are out you cannot re-enter the ballpark.
  • Where do we park, and will they tow our car at night? The Toledo Mud Hens do not have a parking lot. We use existing parking lots in the downtown area. Most parking companies are aware of our events and sleepovers, so when you pull into a parking lot let the attendant know you are going to be attending the sleepover and your car will remain overnight. Most parking companies do not have a problem because you will be gone by 9:30 am the next morning. The Toledo Mud Hens are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property in the parking lot or Fifth Third Field. If something should occur, it is the sole responsibility of the vehicle's owner to contact the Toledo Police and notify the parking lot company of any theft or damage.

Ballpark Campout Guidelines


Please help us keep Fifth Third Field the most beautiful ballpark in Minor League Baseball by following the guidelines below:

  • NO plastic or tarps between tent and grass. Please only put plastic or tarps on the inside of tent.
  • NO rain-guard. Please don't spray rain guard on tents. It washes off and kills the grass.
  • NO tent stakes allowed -- this is extremely important as it not only hurts the grass but stakes could strike an irrigation line beneath the field.
  • Please do not enter the infield grass at any time.
  • Please do not use heating devices.
  • Please do not bring any wheeled wagons, coolers, etc. onto the field. Please carry everything on to the field.
  • DO NOT SPRAY BUG SPRAY on the field. Please go to main concourse to apply bug spray; spray will kill the grass.
  • Please do not bring anything flammable (lighters, candles, kerosene lanterns) onto the field.
  • Outside alcohol is not permitted inside Fifth Third Field. The pub at Holy Toledo Tavern will remain open after the game for late night drinks and food service. Please do not bring alcoholic beverages onto the field.
  • Please do not bring pets of any kind, shape or size.
  • No smoking (Fifth Third Field is a non-smoking facility AT ALL TIMES due to state regulations).
  • Do not throw any objects, at any time, includes but not limited to baseballs, footballs, frisbees, etc. for safety reasons.
  • Do not bring chairs of any kind onto the field as the legs will damage the field. We encourage guests to use blankets or sit in the seating bowl to watch the postgame movie.