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Meet Jillian Carroll from Good Day Kansas

May 29, 2019

Do you know what is happening in your own backyard? For this case, think "backyard" in a general perspective, as in, the city of Wichita. How familiar are you with all of the cool things to do around the city? If for some reason you don't know, or are interested

Do you know what is happening in your own backyard? For this case, think "backyard" in a general perspective, as in, the city of Wichita. How familiar are you with all of the cool things to do around the city? If for some reason you don't know, or are interested in learning more, you will definitely want to follow our next #RepYour2020 guest, Jillian Carroll. Although Jillian was born on the east coast, she grew up and has spent most of her time in Kansas City. Side note: If you are a Chief's fan, she also has some ties to that organization. Just four months ago, she made the move to Wichita and became host of Good Day Kansas. In her short time here, she has truly taken time to experience what this city has to offers. As host, her main role is to check out all of the new and exciting things happening, and to keep the people of Wichita in the know. Be sure to check out the newest #RepYou2020 article below to learn more about Jillian, and tune in to the next airing of Good Day Kansas! 

Jillian Carol

Jillian Carroll
Originally from
Long Island NY, but came to Wichita after growing up in Kansas City
How long ago did you move here  
4 months ago!
What do you do? Namely, what is something people recognize you for?
I am the Host of a new Lifestyle and Entertainment TV Show on KSN Channel 3, called Good Day Kansas
What distinguishes the ICT from mostly any other place in the country?
From the moment I moved here I have been greeted by incredibly hospitable people. I feel very blessed to have an opportunity to meet people across the state and they all have one thing in common: their kind, welcoming demeanor.
What are you most excited for in the next 5-10 years in the 316?
I'm excited about the growth of our new show and of course the addition of Wichita Baseball coming next year. I am also excited to get more involved in the community. I'm also excited by the growth of soccer in Wichita and hope that continues!
What's your main goal when running your social media accounts? What's your purpose?
I run the social accounts for my Good Day Kansas show and there I aim to feature the amazing people, places and things going on in Wichita and the state of Kansas. I admittedly creep all over social media to find interesting people and businesses to feature on my show!
In my personal social media presence, I aim to encourage others to aspire to achieve goals, support others along my journey and just share my passion for living life. I am blessed with a large family and a busy schedule, so you will could see everything from dinner with the girls to my family, and even my sweet youth soccer players all over my social media.
Top Breakfast Spots?
Dempsey's Biscuit, Dempsey's Biscuit, Dempsey's Biscuit
Top Lunch Spots?
Artichoke, Blue Fin Sushi, Tanya's Soup Kitchen
Top Bars?
Deano's, BJ's Brewhouse, Mort's

What annual event do you look forward to the most?
The only event I've had the chance to attend in my short four months of living in Wichita was the Chisholm Trail Marathon which was amazing! It is a huge opportunity for Wichita to be seen under a national scope and I believe the first year was a huge success. It is just the beginning of bringing high quality athletes to compete at a top-notch sporting event right here in Wichita.
What's one thing you want people to understand about Wichita and it's people?
Growing up in KC, just a few hours away I had no idea how many forward-thinking initiatives, innovative community leaders, and massive civic pride Wichita boasts. I am grateful to be learning about this city in the midst of this burst of growth. I want people to know more and more Wichitan's are choosing to stay in Wichita due to its evolving vibrant identity.
If you plan one theme night at the ballpark in 2020, what would that be and why?
Girls Night, of course!! I think before the game all the ladies should get together, share drinks and play a softball game and then head over and catch the baseball game.
What do you want your followers to know about you?
I am thrilled to be in Wichita and am always up for participating in any and all community events! I am always up for a workout and am a huge sports fan! I played college soccer at UNI (don't hold that against me) and was a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader for 6 years. Soccer and football are my favorites, but I am always up to catch a game of any kind!  
Pretty Woman, Little Giants, Remember the Titans,
Vacation Spot
Any beach
Place to Shop in the ICT
Clifton Collective
Wichita Website to Follow? of course 😉
Wichita person or business to follow on IG?
I had the chance to sit down and interview Janelle King of The Workroom and was blown away by her civic pride and the effort she puts forth in growing the Wichita community and genuinely pouring into up and coming entrepreneurs. She was incredibly insightful, and I admire the way she empowers others.
Hidden Talents?
I can wiggle my ears without touching them!
Former job and future job?
Former 3rd grade teacher … Future Mother