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The Charlotte Knights and Charlotte Knights Charities are pleased to announce "Knights Care 4 CLT", an effort to assist those affected by COVID-19. 

"This is an unprecedented time and we want to do whatever we can to help out our community," stated Dan Rajkowski, Charlotte Knights Chief Operating Officer. "Over the past few weeks, our staff has been working diligently on ways that we can help those affected in our area. By creating the 'Knights Care 4 CLT' fund, we feel this is one way we can help those who need some assistance during this very difficult time." 

"Knights Care 4 CLT" will help healthcare workers, select local charities, and Knights' employees who are in need. The Knights hope to work together with partners, fans, and other philanthropic interests to raise funds. Charlotte Knights Charities will make an initial contribution and will also be in search of foundation grant funding. In addition to fundraising, the Knights' front office staff has committed to a goal of 500 community service hours through non-profits, blood drive contributions, and an educational outreach program as part of the Knights Care 4 CLT campaign.