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Season Ticket Membership Information

Scroll down for group/hospitality, and individual ticket information.

If I choose to opt-in and participate in the selection process, what will my ticket options be?
This will depend on the number of fans who choose to opt in for the 2021 season and our projected capacity. Even with a very limited capacity within Truist Field we are hopeful to still be able to offer full season packages. However, there is chance we will have to offer partial or half season packages to accommodate as many season members that opt-in as possible. Season ticket holders will be offered seats based on factors that we will process internally. Fans who opt-in will receive an email in the near future with full information regarding their seats.

Will my seats be in the same location for the 2021 Charlotte Knights season?
Due to capacity restrictions and public health directives, we do not anticipate fans receiving their normal seating locations.

Will the Charlotte Knights refund season members for cancelled games or a cancelled season?
If any games are cancelled due to COVID-19 during the 2021 season, fans will receive a credit balance. At the end of the season, members will have their credits rolled over towards their 2022 season tickets.

What are the options if I choose to opt-out of my 2021 season Charlotte Knights season membership?
Members who choose to opt out of season tickets will have all of their credits and payments used towards their 2022 season tickets.

How will new seating locations be determined for fans who opt-in?
The Charlotte Knights will determine seating locations based on the capacity limitations, social distancing in the seating areas and other factors.

Can fans opt-in and then later opt-out?
Once you opt-in to the 2021 season and accept your seating location, you will not be able to opt-out. However, you will be able to utilize the resell feature for the remaining games to receive a credit, for games sold, to be rolled over to the 2022 season.

Can fans opt-out and then later opt-in?
Yes. However, this will depend on availability. We cannot guarantee seats if you do not opt-in by March 5th.

Will season ticket members be able to use the resell feature?
Yes, we highly encourage you to utilize the resell feature if you will be unable to attend a game.

When is payment due?
Payment will be due upon opting-in for the 2021 season. A Charlotte Knights representative will be in contact with you for payment.

What will happen if capacity increases later in the season?
We will continue to adhere to all local and state guidelines as it pertains to social distancing for the ballpark. If we are able to increase capacity, we will be sure to do so safely and in accordance to those guidelines.

I have health issues, do I still have to wear my mask at all times while I am seated?
No, if you have a health issue that is aggravated by wearing a mask, you will not need to wear one at all times while seated.

Will I have ability to add seats for a game if I want to bring a guest?
We are doing our best to be able to accommodate as many season ticket members as possible while adhering to the local and state social distancing guidelines. We will likely not be able to accommodate adding an extra ticket to your group. However, please check with your ticket representative so they can check for availability in alternative locations.

Will there be season ticket member events throughout the season?
We would like to host these events in the future. However, there is not a schedule as of this moment. We want to ensure we can host these events as safely as possible in accordance to local and state government regulations.

If I opt-out, can I use some of my credit to purchase individual game tickets for 2021?
Absolutely! Please contact the Charlotte Knights Ticket Office at (704) 274-8209 or Jonathan English at [email protected] to utilize credit for purchasing individual tickets for the 2021 season.

How will I receive my tickets?
All season ticket members will utilize electronic tickets. You will be able to print your tickets from home or access your tickets from your mobile device for each game.

How do I give tickets to my guests?
You may transfer tickets digitally through your online ticket account to your guests.

I do not know how to use my online account, what should I do?
Please contact your account representative or [email protected] for assistance.

If my guests do not receive the tickets and they are at the ballpark already, how can they receive them?
Please have them visit Will Call and we will assist them.

Group/Hospitality Information

What if my company will not allow group events for 2021 and we have a credit balance?
We will put the credit balance towards an event for the 2022 season or you may utilize the credit for a private event on a non-game day.

Will the hospitality spaces have reduced capacities?
We do anticipate having reduced capacity in our hospitality areas. We are currently working with local health officials to see what those capacities may be for the beginning of the 2021 season.

Will there be a cost change for reduced capacity areas?
Yes, we will adjust pricing based on the reduced capacity.

What if the reduced cost is less than the amount of credit we have?
We will take any remaining credit and put it towards the 2022 season or you may choose to use it to purchase loaded value, merchandise, additional food/beverage for your group, or tickets for other games during the 2021 season (based on availability).

What if our group is bigger than the reduced capacity for the area we choose?
We can look at moving to a larger space or we can split the group up to host multiple events.

How are suites being sanitized to keep fans safe?
We sanitize the suites using a solution that has been recommended by health officials after each event. Additionally, there will be hand sanitizer stations located near each suite.

Will there be any changes to food and drink service from previous years?
Yes, we will provide more pre-packaged items on the buffets. Additionally, we will have sneeze guards over all of the foods. There will also be hand sanitizer stations prior to each buffet and throughout the hospitality areas.

Are masks required when fans are inside of the suite?
Yes, masks must be worn at all times except when actively eating or drinking.

How will we receive our tickets?
As the point of contact for the group, you will have an online account to manage your tickets. From there, you will be able to print tickets or transfer tickets to each person in your group.

I already transferred someone a ticket, but now they cannot come, what do I do?
You will login into your account and select the ticket(s) that you transferred to this individual. You can then transfer it to someone else. The previously transferred ticket(s) will be invalidated.

What happens if our game is rained out or cancelled due to COVID-19?
If the game is cancelled prior to gates opening, we will look to reschedule your entire event. However, if we do open the gates, we encourage you and your group to come out and enjoy the food/fellowship. The game may go into a delay, but we make every effort possible to play the game. If the game is called before 4.5 innings are played, then your tickets will become eligible for rain exchanges for the best available individual tickets based upon availability.

Individual Ticket Information

If I still have tickets from the 2020 season, how do I exchange them for the 2021 season?
Tickets will be eligible to be exchanged any time after our individual tickets go on sale. Please contact the Charlotte Knights Ticket Office at (704) 274-8209 or Jonathan English at [email protected] to exchange your tickets.

When will individual tickets go on sale?
The on sale date for the 2021 Charlotte Knights regular season will be announced soon.

Will I be able to get the same seats as my original tickets?
Tickets are based upon availability and we will attempt to get the best seats available based on your previous location. We recommend exchanging your tickets as far in advance as possible.

Am I able to purchase tickets at the Ticket Office?
Tickets will be sold at the ticket windows based upon availability. To ensure you receive tickets to the game of your choosing we recommend purchasing tickets in advance.

As of February 18, 2021.