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Front Office Full Time Positions

All full time front office positions are posted here.

Front Office Seasonal Internships

We currently have no openings for seasonal front office positions.

Gameday Employment

We want to thank all of our applicants again for coming out to our job fairs on March 12th and 14th, 2020. We met some amazing people and can’t wait to make them part of our team. At this time, we have paused all hiring for gameday staff positions due to the cancelation of the 2020 season. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call (540) 858-4242.

We will continue to accept applications for gameday positions on an ongoing basis. Applications are available below, and we will keep your application on file. Please note, all applicants must be 16 or older to be considered for a gameday position with the Fredericksburg Nationals.

Application & Job Descriptions

Download a job application below, and click on job titles to learn more about the positions available!

Provide customer service to fans throughout the stadium. Also monitor the crowd for possible issues and address those that arise accordingly.

Greet fans as they enter the parking lot, take payment and guide fans to open spots in the parking lot.

Monitor the team store and ring up fans’ purchases when they are finished shopping, while also making sure inventory is constantly stocked.

Offer assistance to fans at the Guest Services Booth as well as throughout the stadium, providing a lasting experience for all fans.

Stationed with fans in the Scoreboard Suite to make sure the correct information is being put up on the manual scoreboard.

In charge of bringing baseballs to the umpires as needed, retrieving bats after play is over and putting them in the bat rack, and pre/post game cleaning of bullpens and dugouts.

Will assist Head and Assistant Groundskeepers with pre and post-game field operations. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds and have the ability to work nights, weekends and holidays. May have to pull tarp.

Ticket Office

Will scan in/out tickets for fans, greet fans as they come into the ballpark and is expected to have a fans first attitude, while being outgoing and friendly!

Will print tickets, handle will call, sell tickets at the ticket office and answer various questions for fans in a professional manner.


Fun, engaging and constantly interacting with the fans. Looking for people with the “Disney” attitude, and high energy personalities. Must be willing to get into promo costumes (not the mascot).

If interested in working on the promo crew, please email your application to [email protected].

Will be the mascot’s “voice” or “translator.” Would like to be as consistent as possible. Constantly engaging with the fans. Essential to skits and other scripted events.

Press Box

Will operate the digital line score from the press box. Strong baseball knowledge required.

Works with the official scorer to accurately input every pitch into an online stream for fans to follow along online through the MiLB First Pitch App and MiLB website (will need training, provided by MiLB free of charge).

In charge of what goes into final box score, judging each pitch in a professional and unbiased manner (will need training, provide by MiLB free of charge).


Operating cameras from the production room. Will be joystick operated.

Will control all music, sounds, clips, any and all audio in the stadium. Must have all walkup songs for players in place.

Will operate the baseball-centric computer in the production booth, logging all game plays and stats. Strong baseball knowledge required.

Running all digital LED board elements (3) in the stadium. Daktronics experience preferred, not required.

Will control and cut reels to use for replays in-stadium and on MiLB TV. Will work with the technical director closely.

Put overlays and graphics into the system. Will work with the technical director closely.

Responsible for taking guest orders, including the receipt and disbursement of money or legal tender (credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, team cash, coupons or comp cash) during game day at concession stands, or portables at the facility using cash registers. Will accurately use POS system

Responsible for preparing food and assisting in the preparation of items during the event. The cook should understand the proper cooking and holding procedures to not sacrifice quality or freshness of product.

Will take guests' food orders, prepare/wrap food items and dispense beverages. Must clean and maintain service areas, including restocking of necessary items.

Must understand all menus, product offerings, packaging and pricing. Ensures all areas have proper displays. Has strong attention to detail. Ensures show quality standards are maintained at all times. Builds and maintains strong relationships with guests, and will regularly obtain feedback from clients and guests to improve operations. Will respond and assist in any departmental guest service issues.

Under the general supervision of the stand manager, the runner is responsible for preparing food and assisting in the delivery of food for a specific order without sacrificing quality and presentation of food.