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Reedy Hero
Reedy Rip'It

Reedy Rip'It was born in 2006 on the banks of the Reedy River in beautiful Greenville, SC. Ever since he was a young frog, he has always loved playing baseball and cheering for the Greenville Drive. Making his home the Green Monster at Fluor Field, Reedy gets to spend his days catching flies in the outfield and cheering for Drive wins. Some of this friendly frog's favorite things are reading exciting books, dancing, and making new friends. When baseball is not in-season, Reedy enjoys hopping from lily pad to lily pad, waving to friends as he goes. Reedy Rip'It was designed by the students at Wren Elementary School in Piedmont, South Carolina. He made his debut at Fluor Field in April 2006.

Reedy Rip'It Fun Facts

  • Height: 2.5 baseball bats
  • Weight: 595 baseballs
  • Waist: Large
  • Bats: Switch
  • Favorite Food: "Fly" Balls
  • Friends: Wally the Green Monster, Tessie, Chick-fil-A Cow, Sir Paladin, Cocky, Clemson Tiger, Victor, Brody the Bruin, Boss the Terrier

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Reedy Tux 2

Reedy's Kids Club

Reedy's Kids Club has some exciting new features for the 2019 season! For more information, and to join the club, click the button below!

Reedy Rip'It Coloring Pages

Click on any of the pictures below to print our a coloring page of the Drive's lovable mascot, Reedy Rip'It.