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June 15 - June 20

Tuesday, June 15: Remembering Lou Gehrig - Tribute to Lou Gehrig. It's the 80th anniversary of the passing of Yankee legend Lou Gehrig. We Honor the Iron Horse on this Tradition Tuesday!

Wednesday, June 16: Anime Night - You know, that thing your kids are watching.

Thursday, June 17: UnBox That - Is there anything that’s more satisfying than watching people you don't know open products you don't own?

Friday, June 18: Light Show: First Flash Part II - Buckle up. Cuz, we're riding the highway to the danger zone with a Light Show to the music of Action Movies.

Saturday, June 19: It’s Another Saturday Night - New York's hottest club is The Dutch. It has everything: Racoons, Men in Tight Pants, Dan Cortese...

Sunday, June 20: Magic… TADA! - Not the gathering. Think rabbits out of hats.

June 22 - June 27

Tuesday, June 22: Staycation - Staycation all I ever wanted. Staycation not a getaway (sung to the tune of the Go-Gos).

Wednesday, June 23: Fenomenos Enmascarados COPA night!

Thursday, June 24: Stand-Up Comedy Night - Our interns have been assembling the brick wall all day for this.

Friday, June 25: FIREWORKS!!! - Fireworks to the music of DMX. We pour one out for rap royalty & NY native. R.I.P.

Saturday, June 26: Pride Night - It's Pride Night! Come to The Dutch and celebrate Pride with our friends in the LGBTQ+ community.

Sunday, June 27: Here Comes the Sunday - We fix a hole using Norwegian Wood so Blackbirds can't get into our Yellow Submarine.

July 6 - July 11

Tuesday, July 6: 61 in 61 - We celebrate 61 bat flips for Roger Maris in 1961. Billy Crystal left that out of the movie for some reason.

Wednesday, July 7: Bucket Hat Giveaway - Sippin' Wine and Lookin' Fine in your Renegades Bucket Hat presented by M&O Sanitation.

Thursday, July 8: 125th Anniversary of the Olympics - Did you know that Olympians used to compete in the nude?

Friday, July 9: FIREWORKS!!! - Frost your tips for this Fireworks Show to your favorite boy bands presented by Access: Support to Living.

Saturday, July 10: Music & Comedy Night - Rev up the van and cruise on down by the river. It's another Music and Comedy night at The Dutch!

Sunday, July 11: Dessert Wars - We finally settle the age-old debate: How do you properly eat a black and white cookie?

July 27 - August 1

Tuesday, July 27: Christmas in July - Bratwurst roasting on an open fire. Sunburn nipping at your nose.

Wednesday, July 28: Baseball Cards & Crypto – You’ve heard of Bitcoin, You've heard of Dogecoin. We present: Renegade Baseball Card Coin. To the moon! Renegades Card Set Giveaway!

Thursday, July 29: Front Line Workers - We honor all of the frontline workers who were instrumental in getting us through the past year.

Friday, July 30: FIREWORKS!!! - Tie your flannel around your waste and lace up your Doc Martins, we celebrate 30 years of Nirvana's Nevermind. Showers optional.

Saturday, July 31: SATURDAY NIGHT Halloween - Music and Comedy - Halloween Edition. I'm Rascal Pumpkins! Any Questions?

Sunday, August 1: Wild Card – WILD CARD!!!! Even we don't know what's going to happen.

August 10 - August 15

Tuesday, August 10: Perfect World Series Game - 65 Years Since Don Larsen's Perfect Game. We celebrate the best game ever pitched.

Wednesday, August 11: Zolz Ejection Bobblehead –We pay homage to the infamous PA Announcer’s ejection with a Rick Zolzer Bobblehead presented by iHeart Radio.

Thursday, August 12: YouTube’s Greatest - This game will play after a 15 second commercial you've already seen a thousand times.

Friday, August 13: Woah, the Lights! - Bust out your glow sticks pump your fist in the air as we celebrate music that's tailormade for dope EDM light shows.

Saturday, August 14: COPA - Celebramos comedia y musica Latina bajo nuestra nueva marca, Los Fenómenos Mascarados del Valle de Hudson, para participar en la iniciativa "Copa de la Diversión" de Las Ligas Menores de Béisbol (MiLB) que celebra la herencia y la cultura hispana.

Sunday, August 15: Mardi Gras - We bring the Big Easy to the Hudson Valley!

August 17 - August 22

Tuesday, August 17: George Buys the Yanks - In 1973 George Steinbrenner bought the Yankees for $10 Million. Today you couldn't buy a studio apartment in the Bronx for $10 Million.

Wednesday, August 18: Replica Jersey Giveaway - Want to dress like the Gades? Well now you can with our 2021 Replica Jerseys! (Pinstripes included).

Thursday, August 19: Autism Awareness Night - We dedicate this game to raising awareness for our friends with Autism.

Friday, August 20: FIREWORKS!!! - From Vampire Weekend to the New York Dolls. We celebrate the tightest jams from the Empire State.

Saturday, August 21: Veteran’s Night - We honor those that have dedicated their lives to serving their country and keeping us safe.

Sunday, August 22: Witches & Wizards Night - Hop on your broom stick and fly on down to The Dutch for some magical fun. With a Back to School Backpack Giveaway presented by NY’s 529 College Savings Program.

September 7 - September 12

Tuesday, September 7: The Babe Comes to the Bronx - In 1919, the curse of the Bambino was born. I heard the play was decent.

Wednesday, September 8: Gender Reveal Night - Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Either way it’s gonna be a mess.

Thursday, September 9: Football is Back! - Win a chance to have your fantasy lineup set by the Zolz himself. He's a big fan of playing kickers in the Flex.

Friday, September 10: FIREWORKS!!! - Jazz Bangerz. Are you In The Mood to Sing, Sing, Sing-Along to the tunes of Count Basie and his Great Band?

Saturday, September 11: 20th Anniversary of 9/11- We remember those who lost their lives on that tragic day. Never Forget!

Sunday, September 12: Princesses & Unicorns - We play dress-up at The Dutch! Grab your tulle and your magical horses.

September 14 - September 19

Tuesday, September 14: All Time Yankees Team - We compile the definitive Yankee team. End of Discussion.

Wednesday, September 15: Heroes Night - Iron your cape and squeeze into your favorite tights. It's heroes night at The Dutch! Because great power comes with great bat speed.

Thursday, September 16: Dealer’s Choice - Let the chips fall where they may. We too like to live dangerously.

Friday, September 17: FIREWORKS!!! - YeeeeeeeHaw! Cowboy Hats, trucks, broken hearts... you get the drift.

Saturday, September 18: COPA Part III: The Copaning- ¡De Vuelta por demanda popular (asumimos), los Fenómenos Mascarados!

Sunday, September 19: Fan Appreciation! - Thank you fans for helping us get through this unique season!

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