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Momentum Bank Ballpark is a Cashless Facility

Only credit cards, debit cards, and RockHounds gift cards are accepted, with a few exceptions within the ballpark (listed below). Cash can be used to buy RockHounds gift cards at the Information Station if a fan does not have a credit or debit card or does not wish to use theirs.

Cash Exceptions:

50-50 - State law does not allow us to take credit cards. The RockHounds will accept debit cards and cash for 50/50 ticket purchases.

Home Run & Strikeout Dollars - Cash is still accepted for home run & strikeout dollars for the players.

Kids Day - The RockHounds will accept cash on the two Kids Day's per year.

Gift Cards:

RockHounds gift cards are available in a range of amounts ($5, $10, $25, $50, $100). Locations that accept gift cards include the Souvenir Store and most all concession stands (view the options that do not accept gift cards below).


Why is Momentum Bank Ballpark now cashless?

We want our transactions to be faster, more convenient, and more secure. Touchless, or almost completely touchless will make lines faster and eliminating the physical transfer of cash and coins will significantly cut down on contact between guests and employees, providing a more sanitary overall experience.

What’s behind the decision to be cashless?

We began the transition to touchless payments throughout much of the 2021 season. We saw lots of other ballparks and venues doing it well and bringing the speed, convenience and security to their fanbase. During that season we observed most fans used the cashless option. Even locations in the ballpark taking cash were used by fans with a credit card.

Is the whole ballpark cashless?

Yes, all areas of the ballpark will be cashless including concessions, the Souvenir Store, suites, and vendors. The only exceptions for cash are for homerun/strikeout dollars, and the 50/50 raffle.

I don’t have a debit card. I’ve used only cash for years. I guess I can’t go to the ballpark.

Sure, you can! Bring your cash and we will give you a RockHounds gift card option that is easy to use with not additional charges! You’ll be able to use gift cards almost anywhere in the ballpark. You can exchange cash for gift cards at the Information Station behind section 12.

Who doesn't accept gift cards inside the stadium?

Kona Ice, HTeaO, Lemonade Stand: Since they are outside vendors, and their credit cards machines are not linked to Stadium. They will still accept credit and debit cards.

JMR & Astound Picnic Stands, Beer Portables and Beer Vendors will have hand-held Clover Credit Card machines that do not take gift cards. They will still accept credit and debit cards.

What if I don’t spend what is on my gift card – will you give me my money back?

No exchanges are available. We conveniently offer a range of amount options to choose from (5,10,25,50,100). Fans should have an idea of how much they plan on spending before purchasing a gift card.

I usually give my kids cash to get their own food or get something in the Souvenir Shop. What will I need to do now?

You, or your kids, can exchange your cash for a gift card at the Information Station! Your family will be able to use it almost anywhere in the ballpark.