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Of 'Hounds and Halos: Reflections From the Broadcast Booth

An Introduction

01 - Introduction

Welcome to the Texas League, Bob

02 - First Broadcast

The Texas League Name Game

03 - Texas League Name Game

A Season.. And a Game Like No Other

04 - The Route

An At-Bat For the Ages

05 - Six & Thirteen

From Cups of Coffee to Cooperstown

06 - Cups of Coffee & Cooperstown

Everything But Moonlight Graham

07 - Everything But Moonlight Graham

A Rebel and Two Dawgs... What Are the Odds?

08 - What Are The Odds

Angels in the Outfield

09 - Angels in the Outfield

The Great Draft Blunder

10 - The Great Draft Blunder

Jim Edmonds Arithmetic

11 - Jim Edmonds Arithmetic

The 1993 Midland Angels

12 - The Hop & The Specialist

Best of the Era

13 - Best of the Era

How the West Was Won

14 - How the West Was Won

The '95 Texas League Championship Series

15 - The Title Series & The Catch

Scott Seator & The Softball "Ringers"

16 - Scott's Softball Ringers

The Catch of a Lifetime

17 - The Catch of a Lifetime

Two Well Earned Halos

18 - Two Well-Earned Halos

A Dickens of a Comeback

19 - A Dickens of a Comeback

The Great Impersonator

20 - Mario the Moose

What the Heck Am I Doing Here

21 - What Am I Doing Here

The Curse & The Quote

22 - The Curse & The Quote

From Rainouts to the 4-2 Pitch

Chapter 23

The 'Hounds Postseason Odyssey

24- The Hounds Postseason Odyssey

He Reminds Me of Me

25- He Reminds Me of Me

Puttin' Out the Fire

26- Puttin' Out the Fire

Greatest RockHounds Games & Swings

27- Greatest RockHounds Games and Swings

The 2009 Championship Season

29- The 2009 Championship Season

You Guys Better Win it Today

29 - You Guys Better Win It Today (1)

The Most Overlooked Swing

30 - The Most Overlooked Swing

The Most Unlikely Hero

31 - The Most Unlikely Hero

Welcome to The Show

32 - Welcome To The Show

Four For The Show

33 - Four For The Show

Nelson Cruz's Journey

34 - Nelson Cruz