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Which top prospects are in the playoffs?

Baseball's brightest prospects vying for Double-A championships
September 19, 2022

We’re still talking about playoff races in the Majors. Taking the opposite approach of Jim Mora, we’re talking about the actual playoffs in the Minors. High-A and Single-A regular seasons came to a close Sunday, and their respective postseasons are just around the corner. In fact, the best-of-five Northwest League

We’re still talking about playoff races in the Majors. Taking the opposite approach of Jim Mora, we’re talking about the actual playoffs in the Minors.

High-A and Single-A regular seasons came to a close Sunday, and their respective postseasons are just around the corner. In fact, the best-of-five Northwest League Championship Series begins Monday night between Eugene and Vancouver. The other five High-A and Single-A circuits open their semifinal rounds Tuesday. Double-A playoffs follow on Sept. 20 while the Triple-A Triple Championship will decide the best club from the Minors’ highest level from Sept. 30-Oct. 2. Fans can follow Minor League playoff coverage over on

The postseason means more Minor League Baseball, and more Minor League Baseball means more prospect action. Twelve of MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 prospects alone are set to compete for High-A and Single-A titles this week.

Here is a list of every prospect on an active playoff roster from each parent club’s Top 30 prospect ranking, which was updated on Sept. 19 to include Double-A clubs:


Somerset Patriots (Yankees) vs. Portland Sea Dogs (Red Sox)

Jasson Domínguez, OF (NYY No. 2, MLB No. 41)
Austin Wells, C (NYY No. 4, MLB No. 85)
Trey Sweeney, SS (NYY No. 6)
Will Warren, RHP (NYY No. 8)
Clayton Beeter, RHP (NYY No. 9)
Yoendrys Gómez, RHP (NYY No. 12)
Randy Vasquez, RHP (NYY No. 15)
Elijah Dunham, OF (NYY No. 20)
Brandon Lockridge, OF (NYY No. 27)

Ceddanne Rafaela, OF/SS (BOS No. 3, MLB No. 99)
Matthew Lugo, SS (BOS No. 12)
Christian Koss, INF (BOS No. 20)
Niko Kavadas, 1B (BOS No. 21)
Wilyer Abreu, OF (BOS No. 23)

Richmond Flying Squirrels (Giants) vs. Erie SeaWolves (Tigers)

Marco Luciano, SS (SF No. 1, MLB No. 17)
Kyle Harrison, LHP (SF No. 2, MLB No. 22)
Casey Schmitt, 3B/SS (SF No. 6)
Tristan Peters, OF (SF No. 21)
Will Wilson, SS (SF No. 26)

Wilmer Flores, RHP (DET No. 3)
Ty Madden, RHP (DET No. 4)
Reese Olson, RHP (DET No. 9)
Parker Meadows, OF (DET No. 17)
Brant Hurter, LHP (DET No. 22)
Luis García, SS (DET No. 24)
Elvis Alvarado, RHP (DET No. 27)
Josh Crouch, C (DET No. 30)


Rocket City Trash Pandas (Angels) vs. Tennessee Smokies (Cubs)

Logan O'Hoppe, C (LAA No. 1, MLB No. 66)
Zach Neto, SS (LAA No. 2)
Ky Bush, LHP (LAA No. 4)
Sam Bachman, RHP (LAA No. 6)
Chase Silseth, RHP (LAA No. 7)
Ben Joyce, RHP (LAA No. 12)
Jeremiah Jackson, SS (LAA No. 13)
Kyren Paris, SS/2B (LAA No. 20)
Jordyn Adams, OF (LAA No. 21)
Coleman Crow, RHP (LAA No. 23)
Mason Erla, RHP (LAA No. 26)
Luke Murphy, RHP (LAA No. 27)
Eric Torres, LHP (LAA No. 28)

Jordan Wicks, LHP (CHC No. 5)
Ben Brown, RHP (CHC No. 7)
DJ Herz, LHP (CHC No. 13)
Chase Strumpf, 3B/2B (CHC No. 25)

Pensacola Blue Wahoos (Marlins) vs. Montgomery Biscuits (Rays)

Eury Pérez, RHP (MIA No. 1, MLB No. 10)
Dax Fulton, LHP (MIA No. 8)
Nasim Nuñez, SS (MIA No. 24)
Griffin Conine, OF (MIA No. 25)

Kyle Manzardo, 1B (TB No. 6)
Mason Montgomery, LHP (TB No. 7)
Osleivis Basabe, SS (TB No. 14)
Kameron Misner, OF (TB No. 21)
Alika Williams, SS (TB No. 26)


Tulsa Drillers (Dodgers) vs. Wichita Wind Surge (Twins)

Andy Pages, OF (LAD No. 5, MLB No. 68)
Landon Knack, RHP (LAD No. 11)
Nick Nastrini, RHP (LAD No. 12)
Nick Frasso, RHP (LAD No. 18)
Kyle Hurt, RHP (LAD No. 21)
Emmet Sheehan, RHP (LAD No. 22)
Ryan Ward, OF (LAD No. 30)

Brooks Lee, SS (MIN No. 1, MLB No. 33)
Austin Martin, OF/SS (MIN No. 12)
Edouard Julien, 2B (MIN No. 17)
Blayne Enlow, RHP (MIN No. 25)
Casey Legumina, RHP (MIN No. 27)
Steven Cruz, RHP (MIN No. 28)

San Antonio Missions (Padres) vs. Frisco RoughRiders (Rangers)

Noel Vela, LHP (SD No. 11)
Jackson Wolf, LHP (SD No. 13)
Joshua Mears, OF (SD No. 14)
Tirso Ornelas, OF (SD No. 18)
Kevin Kopps, RHP (SD No. 23)
Alek Jacob, RHP (SD No. 24)

Jack Leiter, RHP (TEX No. 2, MLB No. 47)
Evan Carter, OF (TEX No. 3, MLB No. 58)
Justin Foscue, 2B (TEX No. 5, MLB No. 81)
Luisangel Acuña, SS/2B (TEX No. 7)
Aaron Zavala, OF (TEX No. 11)
Antoine Kelly, LHP (TEX No. 14)
Ricky Vanasco, RHP (TEX No. 17)
Thomas Saggese, INF (TEX No. 20)
Jonathan Ornelas, SS/3B (TEX No. 22)
Avery Weems, LHP (TEX No. 24)
Marc Church, RHP (TEX No. 29)
Mason Englert, RHP (TEX No. 30)


Great Lakes Loons (Dodgers) vs. Lake County Captains (Guardians)

Diego Cartaya, C (LAD No. 1, MLB No. 9)
Jose Ramos, OF (LAD No. 8)
Eddys Leonard, SS (LAD No. 10)
Jorbit Vivas, 2B/3B (LAD No. 16)
Ronan Kopp, LHP (LAD No. 17)
Carlos Duran, RHP (LAD No. 19)

Petey Halpin, OF (CLE No. 20)
Milan Tolentino, INF (CLE No. 22)

Cedar Rapids Kernels (Twins) vs. South Bend Cubs (Cubs)

Brooks Lee, SS (MIN No. 1, MLB No. 33)
David Festa, RHP (MIN No. 11)
Sean Mooney, RHP (MIN No. 20)

Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF (CHC No. 1, MLB No. 31)
Owen Caissie, OF (CHC No. 10)
Kevin Made, SS (CHC No. 17)
Yohendrick Pinango, OF (CHC No. 18)
Daniel Palencia, RHP (CHC No. 19)
Porter Hodge, RHP (CHC No. 22)
Luis Devers, RHP (CHC No. 26)
Luke Little, LHP (CHC No. 27)
Kohl Franklin, RHP (CHC No. 29)


Aberdeen IronBirds (Orioles) vs. Brooklyn Cyclones (Mets)

Dylan Beavers, OF (BAL No. 8)
Heston Kjerstad, OF (BAL No. 10)
Max Wagner, 3B (BAL No. 16)
Jud Fabian, OF (BAL No. 23)
Frederick Bencosme, SS (BAL No. 26)

Alex Ramirez, OF (NYM No. 4, MLB No. 89)
Mike Vasil, RHP (NYM No. 11)
Dominic Hamel, RHP (NYM No. 12)
Junior Santos, RHP (NYM No. 16)
Stanley Consuegra, OF (NYM No. 23)
Christian Scott, RHP (NYM No. 28)

Bowling Green Hot Rods (Rays) vs. Rome Braves (Braves)

Mason Auer, OF (TB No. 13)
Heriberto Hernandez, OF/1B (TB No. 18)

Cal Conley, SS (ATL No. 14)
Royber Salinas, RHP (ATL No. 21)
Brandol Mezquita, OF (ATL No. 22)


Eugene Emeralds (Giants) vs. Vancouver Canadians (Blue Jays)

Marco Luciano, SS (SF No. 1, MLB No. 17)
Luis Matos, OF (SF No. 3)
Grant McCray, OF (SF No. 4)
Mason Black, RHP (SF No. 11)
Patrick Bailey, C (SF No. 12)
Jairo Pomares, OF (SF No. 14)
Nick Swiney, LHP (SF No. 17)
Trevor McDonald, RHP (SF No. 22)
Hunter Bishop, OF (SF No. 23)
Nick Zwack, LHP (SF No. 30)

Gabriel Martinez, OF (TOR No. 9)
Dahian Santos, RHP (TOR No. 12)
Alex De Jesus, 3B/SS (TOR No. 16)
Damiano Palmegiani, 1B/3B (TOR No. 27)
Chad Dallas, RHP (TOR No. 28)
Dasan Brown, OF (TOR No. 30)


Fresno Grizzlies (Rockies) vs. San Jose Giants (Giants)

Adael Amador, SS (COL No. 3, MLB No. 64)
Gabriel Hughes, RHP (COL No. 5)
Benny Montgomery, OF (COL No. 6)
Sterlin Thompson, OF (COL No. 7)
Jordan Beck, OF (COL No. 9)
Jaden Hill, RHP (COL No. 10)
Yanquiel Fernandez, OF (COL No. 12)
Juan Guerrero, OF (COL No. 17)
McCade Brown (COL No. 29)

Aeverson Arteaga, SS (SF No. 5)
Carson Whisenhunt, LHP (SF No. 7)
Ryan Murphy, RHP (SF No. 15)
Adrian Sugastey, C (SF No. 19)

Lake Elsinore Storm (Padres) vs. Inland Empire 66ers (Angels)

Jackson Merrill, SS (SD No. 1, MLB No. 87)
Samuel Zavala, OF (SD No. 4)
Victor Lizarraga, RHP (SD No. 7)
Jairo Iriarte, RHP (SD No. 10)
Nerwilian Cedeno, 3B/2B (SD No. 26)
Nathan Martorella, 1B (SD No. 29)

Edgar Quero, C (LAA No. 3)
Denzer Guzman, SS (LAA No. 5)
Adrian Placencia, SS (LAA No. 8)
Caden Dana, RHP (LAA No. 11)
Werner Blakely, SS (LAA No. 15)
Alexander Ramirez, OF (LAA No. 18)
Arol Vera, SS (LAA No. 19)
Jadiel Sanchez, OF (LAA No. 30)


Lynchburg Hillcats (Guardians) vs. Fredericksburg Nationals (Nationals)

Jake Fox, 2B/OF (CLE No. 16)
Angel Genao, SS (CLE No. 29)

James Wood, OF (WSH No. 3, MLB No. 35)
Jarlin Susana, RHP (WSH No. 8)
Armando Cruz, SS (WSH No. 11)
Jackson Rutledge, RHP (WSH No. 12)
Andry Lara, RHP (WSH No. 13)
Trey Lipscomb, 3B (WSH No. 17)
T.J. White, OF (WSH No. 20)
Jared McKenzie, OF (WSH No. 22)
Sammy Infante, 3B (WSH No. 28)

Myrtle Beach Pelicans (Cubs) vs. Charleston RiverDogs (Rays)

Kevin Alcantara, OF (CHC No. 3, MLB No. 90)
James Triantos, 3B (CHC No. 11)
Moises Ballesteros, C (CHC No. 15)

Carson Williams, SS (TB No. 3, MLB No. 85)
Cole Wilcox, RHP (TB No. 9)
Willy Vasquez, 3B/SS (TB No. 10)
Brock Jones, OF (TB No. 12)
Junior Caminero, 3B/SS (TB No. 19)
Sandy Gaston, RHP (TB No. 22)
Dominic Keegan, C (TB No. 24)
JJ Goss, RHP (TB No. 27)
Ryan Spikes, 2B (TB No. 29)
Nick Bitsko, RHP (TB No. 30)


St. Lucie Mets (Mets) vs. Palm Beach Cardinals (Cardinals)

Kevin Parada, C (NYM No. 3, MLB No. 40)
Blade Tidwell, RHP (NYM No. 8)
Calvin Ziegler, RHP (NYM No. 9)
Joel Díaz, RHP (NYM No. 13)
Javier Atencio, LHP (NYM No. 29)

Tink Hence, RHP (STL No. 6, MLB No. 95)
Joshua Baez, OF (STL No. 11)
Leonardo Bernal, C (STL No. 18)
Jimmy Crooks III, C (STL No. 25)
Lizandro Espinoza, SS (STL No. 28)

Fort Myers Mighty Mussels (Twins) vs. Dunedin Blue Jays (Blue Jays)

Marco Raya, RHP (MIN No. 7)
Misael Urbina, OF (MIN No. 8)
Tanner Schobel, SS (MIN No. 13)
Noah Miller, SS (MIN No. 16)

Josh Kasevich, SS (TOR No. 10)
Cade Doughty, 2B (TOR No. 11)
Manuel Beltre, SS (TOR No. 22)
Irv Carter, RHP (TOR No. 23)
Estiven Machado, SS (TOR No. 26)
Alan Roden, OF (TOR No. 29)

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