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Dodgers MVP Program - STEM Activities

Thank you to our proud partners, Devon Energy and Olsson for making the Dodgers MVP Program: Encouraging STEM Education possible. Without their commitment, this program would not be impacting third- and fourth-grade students across the state of Oklahoma.

Walking Water Rainbow Experiment

Rainbows can walk? You bet they can when water is involved! Brix is ready to show you how to make a walking water rainbow.

Supplies Needed:

• 6 glasses or jars
• Paper towels
• Food dye or liquid water colors (red, yellow and blue)

1. Rip off six sheets of paper towel and fold each sheet in thirds, lengthwise. Make sure you have 6 sheets total.
2. Line up your glasses and fill 3 of them halfway with water. Leave 3 of the glasses empty.
3. Take the red food dye and add some into a glass of the water. The darker the red color the better. Do the same with the yellow dye. And lastly, the blue dye.
4. Move the glasses into a circle, alternating a color with an empty glass.
5. Place one end of the paper towel in the color and the other end in an empty glass.
6. Wait about 20 minutes and your rainbow is complete!

How Strong is Paper? Experiment

We know that Brix is pretty strong, but which paper shape is the strongest? Brix is going to help you find out!

Supplies Needed:
• Colored Paper (NOT construction paper)
• Tape

1. Fold each paper into three shapes: a square, a circle and a triangle.
2. Secure each shape with tape.
3. Stand the shapes upright.
4. Begin stacking objects on top of the shapes. Start by using light objects. Gradually add more weight to each shape.
5. Figure out which shape can hold the most weight.

Paper Building Blocks Experiment

Did you know that building blocks can be made out of paper? Join Brix as he finds out how strong building blocks made of paper are!

Supplies Needed:
• Thick colored paper
• Scissors
• Tape
• Ruler

1. Measure and cut your paper into 3 inches long and 1 inch wide strips.
2. Fold strips into triangles. Each side should be 1 inch long.
3. Secure with tape.
4. Place your triangles in a row. Alternate between triangles that are right side up and upside down.Try to add multiple layers to your structure.
5. Test how strong your structure is by adding objects on top. Adjust your structure as you go until your structure can hold heavier objects.

Thank you to all of our partners!

A Message from Michael Byrnes, OKC Dodgers President and General Manager

MVP PlayBall! Program

Each Dodgers MVP received a special box that included fun STEM activities to do at home. Without these proud partners, the activity box would not have been possible.