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In 2002, the Reading Fightin Phils, then the Reading Phillies, established Baseballtown Charities. Baseballtown Charities is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded to keep baseball alive in Reading so youngsters can benefit from the many life lessons the game teaches. Since that time, Baseballtown Charities has been a part of many projects throughout the community and continually striving to grow the game of baseball in our community.
When Baseballtown Charities was established, its flagship project was started. Baseballtown Charities raised more than $1 million to build Gordon Hoodak Stadium at Lauer’s Park, a field of dreams in the heart of inner-city Reading. Since that time, it has provided more than 2,000 boys and girls who otherwise might not have had the opportunity with a chance to participate in the game.
Another Baseballtown Charities project was completed in April of 2014, when Baseballtown Charities renovated Baer Park. A project that nearly lasted 1 year and cost over $90,000. On any given day, hundreds of youths can be found using the various attractions or having fun by spending time with friends. Throughout the spring and summer, the park’s baseball field is home to numerous city baseball and softball organizations. It is also the home field for junior high teams from the Reading School District.
In 2016, Baseballtown Charities began a new venture, the Baseballtown Charities Dream League. This project expanded Baseballtown Charities role to give those with physical and developmental disabilities the same chance to experience the magic of baseball and thrill of playing on the diamond through custom-designed, turf fields that accommodate wheelchairs and other assertive devices while helping to prevent injuries. In the Spring of 2018, for the first time ever children with physical and developmental disabilities had the opportunity to play on a field of their own, in a league of their own, just like every other kid. Each year since then over 150 kids play baseball and 1,000 volunteers come out to donate time to the Dream League that Baseballtown Charities manages.
In 2020, Baseballtown Charities acquired Rip It Baseball & Softball Training Facility in order to cultivate its mission of growing the game of baseball and softball. At Rip It Baseball & Softball Training Facility, Baseballtown Charities strives to provide baseball and softball training to area athletes as well as manage the Rip It for Life Program. The Rip It for Life program believes that socio-economic challenges should not be an impediment to be better players, and to be better people. Rip It for Life provides free private training, tunnel time and group instructional lessons for kids in the Reading School District, currently on a baseball or softball roster, that may not have the economic wherewithal to get top notch baseball and softball training. And off the field – Rip It for Life can provide an additional shoulder to lean on when necessary.
Since the establishment of Baseballtown Charities in 2002, the organization has worked diligently to grow the game of baseball within our community and will continue to do so for many years to come. Baseballtown Charities is focused on growing the game of baseball & softball for everyone regardless what challenges they face by creating and supporting programs that introduce, teach and nourish the passion for the sports of baseball and softball.

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