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Double-A Affiliate
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RPhils Fundraising

Earning Commission

Participating organizations sell Reading Fightins Fundraising ticket books containing 6 undated general admission tickets. These tickets may be used in an combination and for any 2020 regular season home game. Your organization sells the books for $39 ($60 value - Discounted to $39). Your organization will receive $14.00 from every ticket book sold.

How Does It Work?

The members of your organization have two different ways to "sell" the ticket books (listed below). You may choose to sell the books using either of these options or use them both to try to sell as many books as you can!

Option 1 - Collect the Names and Money

Your organization would collect the name of those people who want a book and list it on your order form. You then collect the $39.00 from each person. Cash or check is fine (Checks should be made payable to Reading Baseball LP). You then send the order forms and money to the Reading Fightins - Attention Fundraising PO Box 15050 Reading, PA 19612 and we take over from there - by mailing out the ticket books and reward vouchers to each seller, and sending the commission earnings to your organization.

Option 2 - Direct People Online to Order via PayPal

Your organization would direct buyers to and have them type in your name as the seller and your organization name. The buyer will then fill in their information and purchase the books via paypal. The Reading Fightins will then mail the ticket books directly to the buyers, mail reward vouchers directly to the sellers, keep careful records of payments and send commission earnings to your organization once you've decided to close your fundraiser.

Cool Rewards for Sellers

Your sellers get something for selling the ticket books!

  • 2 or more books sold =  4 Hitting Vouchers to  RIP IT Batting Cage
  • 4 or more books sold = A Fightins Bag OR Crazy Hot Dog Vendor Bobble Head and a Rip It Batting Cage Hitting Voucher
  • 10 or more books sold YOU CHOOSE EITHER
    • An Ultimate Fan Experience - An exclusive fun filled day for only people who sold 10 or more fundraising books! You'll be able to play wiffle ball or catch on the field, announce your name over the PA, play in Phunland, get player's autographs, swim in the pool and hang out with our mascots! This year's Ultimate Fan Experience will be on Sunday, June 28th. You'll also receive both vouchers listed above!
    • Attend an R-Phils 2020 Baseball camp! Check them out   HERE

Economic Model

50 People in Your Civic Group or Other Organization: Each participant sells an average of just 2 ticket books, that's 100 ticket books sold. 100 ticket books sold x $14 per book to your organization: Your organization receives $1,400 for the fundraiser!

200 children in your youth league, school, or other organization: Each participant sells an average of just 2 ticket books (Many kids will sell 5 or 10 books) that's 400 ticket books sold. 400 ticket books sold x $14 per book to your organization: Your organization receives $5,600 for the fundraiser!


Please email Nick Helber at [email protected] or call (610) 375-8469 ext. 290 before you get started with the fundraiser!