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6-Game Packs

6-Game Packs

Save up to $27 off the Ticket Office price

The Red Wings are offering six different 6-Game Packs for the 2023 season. Don't see one you like? You can customize your very own pack! For more information on any of the 6 Game Packs below, contact Mike Ewing at (585) 454-1001 ext. 3036 or click here to send an email.


100 Level - $93/seat ($21 savings over single-game ticket pricing)

200 Level - $63/seat ($27 savings over single-game ticket pricing)

6-Game Pack Benefits

- Save up to $27 off Ticket Office price.

- Choose from the best seats and games before they go on sale to the general public.

- Opportunity to have the same seat for each game.

- Promotional email each month informing you of upcoming events.

- If conflicts arise, tickets can be exchanged up to 48 hours before the game.

For a complete list of our 2023 Promotional Schedule go to (Promos will be updated beginning January 2022).

6-Game Pack Options


Fri. 3/31 vs. LHV (Phillies) 4:05pm

Fri. 6/23 vs. OMA (Royals) 6:45pm

Tues. 7/4 vs. BUF (Blue Jays) 6:45pm

Sat. 7/8 vs. BUF (Blue Jays) 6:45pm

Sat. 7/22 vs. DUR (Rays) 6:45pm

Sat. 8/26 vs. WOR (Red Sox) 6:45pm


Tues. 6/13 @ 6:45pm

Fri. 6/16 @ 6:45pm

Sat. 6/17 @ 6:45pm

Tues. 8/29 @ 6:45pm

Fri. 9/1 @ 6:45pm

Sun. 9/3 @ 1:05pm


Fri. 6/2 vs. SYR (Mets) 6:45pm

Fri. 6/16 vs. SWB (Yankees) 6:45pm

Fri. 7/7 vs. BUF (Blue Jays) 6:45pm

Fri. 7/21 vs. DUR (Rays) 6:45pm

Fri. 8/11 vs. LHV (Phillies) 6:45pm

Fri. 9/1 vs. SWB (Yankees) 6:45pm


Wed. 5/31 vs. SYR (Mets) 11:05am

Thur. 6/15 vs. SWB (Yankees) 1:05pm

Wed. 6/21 vs. OMA (Royals) 1:05pm

Thur. 7/20 vs. DUR (Rays) 11:05am

Thur. 8/24 vs. WOR (Red Sox) 1:05pm

Wed. 8/30 vs. SWB (Yankees) 1:05pm


Sat. 6/3 vs. SYR (Mets) 6:45pm

Sat. 6/17 vs. SWB (Yankees) 6:45pm

Sat. 7/8 vs. BUF (Blue Jays) 6:45pm

Sat. 7/22 vs. DUR (Rays) 6:45pm

Sat. 8/12 vs. LHV (Phillies) 6:45pm

Sat. 9/2 vs. SWB (Yankees) 6:05pm