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Season Seats

2021 Season Seat FAQs

Red Wings Season Seat Holders Receive:

Manage Your Own Account

Enjoy the ease of e-mailing tickets to customers, employees, family and friends through your own secure online account, with tickets scanned at the gates (on a smartphone or tickets printed at home). Click here to access your account.

Great Location

You can choose where you sit for the entire season.

Advance Tickets

You will receive tickets for every game, prior to the season. These special-print tickets are designed for Season Seat Holders only, and allow you to avoid stopping at the Ticket Office.

Right of Refusal

You make the decision whether or not you want your seat(s) for other Red Wings events, such as exhibitions and playoff games.

Team Store Discount

Season Seat Holders receive a 15% season-long discount at the Red Wings Team Store.

Party with the Wings

As a Season Seat Holder, you're invited to join the Red Wings players and staff at our annual Season Seat Holder Party in August/September.

Special Gift

As a Season Seat Holder you will receive a one-of-a-kind gift prior to the season (one gift per seat).

Extra Tickets

A packet of four reserved seat tickets (good for any Tuesday - Thursday home game) accompanies all Season Ticket packages.

Stay Informed

You will receive an e-mail prior to each homestand with updated promotions information.

No Ticket Goes Unused

Using our ticket exchange program, no ticket is wasted. You will be able to redeem any unused tickets for a reserved seat to any Monday or Tuesday game throughout the season (some exceptions apply).

What is the status of my season seats?

Due to the implementation of a new, socially distanced seating configuration, limited capacity games, and higher ticket prices in 2021, season seat holders will be offered three options for the 2021 season. We ask that you please submit your decision for your tickets no later than Friday, April 23.

I paid for my 2020 season seats and rolled that money over to 2021. What are my options now?

OPTION 1: Apply payment to 2021. Receive season tickets for half of the 2021 season (30 games).

Season seat holders can get the same number of seats that they paid for in 2020, but for half as many games (30 games out of 60), as you and your neighboring seat holders will have to alternate games to maintain social distancing requirements. There will be a “Package A” and “Package B,” each consisting of 30 different games (every other day). Both packages will include Opening Day. The goal will be to have an equal amount of “Package A” holders as “Package B” holders.

· Due to limited capacity and socially distanced seating configuration, most (if not all) season seat locations will be different than where you typically sit. We will use our best effort to seat people as close to their typical seat location as possible (though this could still be several sections away). The longest-tenured season seat holders and those who rolled their money over from 2020 into 2021 will receive priority when placing 2021 season seat packages.

· Both packages will consist of alternating games, and an equal number of weekday and weekend games. For instance, if you received tickets on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for the first homestand, you would receive tickets to Wednesday, Friday, Sunday the following homestand.

· If capacity increases to 100% at some point during the season and we are able to move all season seat holders back to their typical season seat locations for the remainder of the season, we will use our best efforts to do so. This would require two to three weeks for us to accomplish. We are committed to remaining as nimble as possible in 2021 in order to place season seat holders back in their typical locations as quickly as possible.

· For season seat holders, we will provide your tickets one month at a time so that we can change policies if capacity increases and time allows.

· In an effort to be as contactless as possible in 2021, your tickets will be digital and loaded onto your account. For directions accessing/creating your account PLEASE CLICK HERE.

· While we know that the pricing may seem unusually high compared to our typical, deeply discounted season seats, the per-game price of your 30 season tickets in 2021 still reflects a discount, compared to the 2021 Ticket Office prices. We understand that this may not be desirable to some, so we have created two other options for you.

Click here to: Apply Payment to 2021 Season Seats

OPTION 2: Roll your payment over to the 2022 season

Season seat holders can choose to roll their payment over, again, to the 2022 season and receive tickets for 72 games. By doing this you will receive your normal seat location and avoid any possible season seat price increases in 2022 over the 2020 published rates.

Click here to: Roll Payment Over to 2022 Season Seats

OPTION 3: Exchange your season seat payment for Diamond Dollars (Ballpark Currency)

You will receive Diamond Dollars in the same amount you paid toward your 2020 season seats. Diamond Dollars can be used to purchase tickets (at 2021 rates), merchandise, and food/drinks in either 2021 and/or 2022.

If you choose this option, you are subject to a possible season seat price increases in 2022, but your seat location will be reserved for you in 2022.

Click here to: Redeem 2020 Season Seat Payment for Diamond Dollars

I didn’t pay or I received a refund for my 2020 season seats, but I am interested in my seats for 2021. Is this an option?

Yes – to retain your status as a season seat holder, we would honor the 2020 price of $420 for Premiums, $405 for Uppers and $325 for Reserved per seat for one of the 30 game packages. Location TBD.

Click here to: Opt into the 2021 Season

What incentives exist for season seat holders in the 2021 season?

· Priority access to single-game tickets before tickets go on sale to the general public.

· Season-long 15% discount at the Red Wings Team Store.

· Other perks and offers may be added if restrictions are reduced during the season.

As a season seat holder, will I be able to redeem unused tickets in 2021?

Unfortunately, due to reduced capacity, you will not be able to redeem unused season tickets in 2021. We hope to resume the ability to redeem unused season tickets for select days in 2022.

I’m interested in purchasing season tickets for all 60 games. Is that an option?

Yes, you can purchase the other half of the season for the same amount per seat that you paid for the initial package. Location for additional 30 games may not be the same as the first package.

I’m a season seat holder but I am not receiving any updates. How can I fix this issue?

Please send an email to [email protected] and we will add you to our current list to ensure you stay up to date.