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The Official Site of the Sacramento River Cats Sacramento River Cats

Now that you have your tickets, please use the directions below to manage, transfer, and download your tickets to your smart phone.

Logging In

1. Visit on your mobile device.

2. Login using the e-mail address on your account. Click the “Forgot Password?” link if needed.

Managing Tickets

1. Click “Manage My Events.”

2. Select the event you wish to manage.

3. Select the tickets you wish to manage.

4. Add ticket(s) to your mobile wallet prior to the event date for quick and easy entry at the gates.

Transferring Tickets

1. Select the event you wish to forward. Click the three dots above the “More” button.

2. Click “Transfer.” Select the ticket(s) you wish to Transfer.

3. Add a new recipient, or select from previous transfer contacts. Click “Transfer.”

Note: The recipient must accept the ticket(s) prior to the event to access the ticket for entry.

Accepting Transferred Tickets

1. Recipient will receive an e-mail from [email protected], click “Accept Tickets.”

2. Recipient logs in using the e-mail where the message was received. Use the “Forgot Password?” link if necessary.

3. The ticket(s) have now been accepted into the recipient’s account. Recipient can refer to the “Managing Tickets” section for next steps.

Cancel Transfer

1. Locate the event you wish to cancel a transfer request. There will be a “Transfer Pending” indicator if the recipient has not accepted the ticket(s).

Note: You are unable to cancel a transfer if the ticket(s) have been accepted by the recipient.

2. Click “Cancel Transfer” then “Yes” to stop the ticket transfer.

3. Ticket(s) are able to be managed again on your account.

Viewing Tickets in Your Mobile Wallet

1. Locate the Wallet application on your mobile device.

2. Locate the Ticketmaster ticket(s) for the event.

3. Scroll left and right to view multiple tickets saved to wallet.


Anything we can help with? Email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist!