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Frequently Asked Questions for the Sale of the Timber Rattlers

December 22, 2020

Third Base Ventures, LLC has purchased Appleton Baseball Club, Inc. We are sure that you have questions. Please go read this article first, as it covers a lot of ground. Then, come back and read this FAQ: Q: Have the Timber Rattlers have been sold? Yes. Appleton Baseball Club, Inc.,

Third Base Ventures, LLC has purchased Appleton Baseball Club, Inc. We are sure that you have questions. Please go read this article first, as it covers a lot of ground. Then, come back and read this FAQ:

Q: Have the Timber Rattlers have been sold?

Yes. Appleton Baseball Club, Inc., the parent company of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and Fond du Lac Dock Spiders, has been sold to Third Base Ventures. This action was not taken lightly. We realized that the circumstances of losing the entire 2020 season due to COVID-19, the uncertainty about the 2021 season, and the upcoming changes to the landscape of professional baseball required drastic action to ensure the survival of baseball in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Q: What is Third Base Ventures?

Third Base Ventures is the new company that will run the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and the Fond du Lac Dock Spiders. Craig Dickman, a past chairman of the board of Appleton Baseball Club, will be the majority owner. Rob Zerjav, the current Timber Rattlers president and general manager, and Brad Raaths will be the minority owners.

Q: Is the team moving out of town?

No. As part of this new arrangement, Third Base Ventures will also be purchasing the stadium. All three owners in Third Base Ventures have local ties to the Green Bay/Fox Cities area and are excited to continue playing baseball at Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium.

Q: Did Third Base Ventures buy the stadium, too?

Yes, the new ownership group purchased Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium from the Fox Cities Amateur Sports Authority.

Q: Why was the purchase of the stadium necessary?

The purchase of the stadium will allow the new ownership group to make necessary upgrades to the stadium as quickly as possible and provide a much need resource moving forward.

Q: I thought the Brewers owned the Timber Rattlers. Was that ever the case?

No. The Brewers have never owned the baseball team in Appleton as it has always been community-owned. The Timber Rattlers and Brewers have had a Player Development Contract since the 2009 season which amounted to the Timber Rattlers providing a place for the team to play while the Brewers provided the players and coaches.

Q: I purchased and hold a membership certificate in the Timber Rattlers. What does this mean to me?

As we forge the next era of Timber Rattlers history together, we are pleased to welcome current members of the “Owners Club” to “T-Rats Ten”. As a member of T-Rats Ten, you will receive all the same perks and benefits you have been accustomed to including complimentary tickets to Opening Day, complimentary tickets to the Team Picnic, and a team store discount. As you paid for your membership for 2020, this membership will carry over to the 2021 season and there will be no renewal costs for this upcoming season. Additional information about T-Rats Ten will be announced in the next few weeks.

Q: I thought my membership with the team was stock and I was a shareholder?

Appleton Baseball Club operated as a Not for Profit, Non-Stock Corporation under the laws of the State of Wisconsin. The membership shares have nostalgic value but have no monetary value.

Q: What is happening to Appleton Baseball Club?

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers will still be around, but Appleton Baseball Club, Inc. will dissolve as an entity as of December 31, 2020.

Q: What does all this mean to professional baseball in the area?

This means that professional baseball will stay in Northeastern Wisconsin for well into the future. The entire Timber Rattlers staff will remain with the club, so the fun experience fans have become accustomed to will continue.

Q: Are the Timber Rattlers still a Milwaukee Brewers affiliate?

The Timber Rattlers have been extended an invitation to be the Advanced-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. We will have more details on the affiliation, our coaching staff, the length of the affiliation, and more once we have reviewed the Professional Development License. We will not be able to comment on any of this until the Professional Development License is signed. See the full article here.

Q: What is the difference between the Advanced-A and Low-A classification?

The Advanced-A classification means that players on the Timber Rattlers will be one step closer to the Major Leagues. The Low-A classification has been the place where players typically get their first taste of full-season, professional baseball. Advanced-A players usually already have that first full season under their belts and have shown enough progress to make the move up the ladder of the parent club’s minor league system. This means that some of the players who were Timber Rattlers in 2019 could be back with the Timber Rattlers in 2021.

Q: Is Matt Erickson back as the manager of the Timber Rattlers?

To be determined. The coaching staff decisions are up to the parent club.

Q: When will the 2021 season start?

To be determined. We should know more when all teams sign their PL’s and a schedule is set.

Q: Will the Brewers still send MLB players here for rehabs?

We hope that the Brewers players remain healthy and do not have any injuries that require rehabilitation assignments. If the schedules are favorable and the Brewers decide it works for them, the Timber Rattlers are ready, willing, and able to welcome any players here on rehabilitation assignments.

Q: I saw that the Midwest League has lost teams. How does this affect the Timber Rattlers?

The most likely configuration of the league will be twelve teams instead of sixteen teams. We will know more once all the Professional Development Licenses have been signed.

Q: What about prices for tickets and concessions? Are those going up?

All ticket and concession prices will remain the same as they were scheduled to be for the 2020 season. Our mission statement remains the same – Our team will create the best entertainment experience in Wisconsin so that every guest walks away with a smile and the desire to return. Our goal is to continue to provide an affordable family fun atmosphere for all fans.