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Beginning in 2024, the Dayton Dragons will award a monthly “Dream Big Award” to an individual in the greater Dayton area that exemplifies a stellar entrepreneurial spirit. These individuals will be recognized for their determination and dedication to growing their own unique businesses and making the Miami Valley a better place to work and play.

Battle Sight Technologies

Dayton's long history of innovation and product development shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, especially with citizens like Nick Ripplinger around. Ripplinger, a U.S. Army veteran, founded Battle Sight Technologies in 2017 after identifying a need for efficient solutions to enhance the capabilities of military personnel. Leveraging his military experience and passion for innovation, he started Battle Sight Technologies to create products that would offer practical, life-saving advantages to soldiers in the field.

Battle Sight Technologies was established with the mission of developing advanced, easy-to-use technologies for defense and public safety applications. The company gained significant attention with its flagship product, CrayTac IR, a patented infrared writing device. This device allows users to communicate and mark surfaces in a way that is visible only through night vision equipment. The innovations of Battle Sight Technologies are deeply rooted in meeting the real-world needs of soldiers, first responders, and law enforcement officers.

The story of Battle Sight Technologies is one of dedication, ingenuity, and a commitment to those who serve on the front lines. By continually focusing on the development of practical, mission-critical products, Battle Sight Technologies aims to make the missions of the modern warfighter safer, simpler, and more lethal.

The Dayton Dragons and CYMl Holdings are honored to award Nick Ripplinger with the Dayton Dragons Dream Big Award, which recognizes impactful local entrepreneurs that are making the Dayton region a better place to live, work and play.

6888 Kitchen Incubator

When local entrepreneurs Charlynda Scales, Dabriah Rice, and Jamaica White were connected through the Downtown Dayton Partnership the trio shared one very strong belief.. downtown Dayton has a desperate need for a shared commercial kitchen.

After four and a half years of hard work and determination, their dream became a reality when 6888 Kitchen Incubator opened its doors in March of 2024.

Honoring the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, also known as “Six Triple Eight”, the kitchen stands as a tribute to the battalion’s significant accomplishments during World War II, while serving as both a business incubator and a vital resource for aspiring food entrepreneurs.

With a recent soft opening featuring six commercial kitchen spaces, one bakery pod, and various amenities, 6888 Kitchen Incubator currently supports eight food-related enterprises. The founders envision hosting up to 25 businesses initially, with a potential expansion to accommodate up to 60. Supported by initiatives like OH Taste’s Sharpen the Axe program, which offers financial literacy and business coaching for food entrepreneurs, 6888 Kitchen Incubator aims to empower Daytonians to pursue their dreams of business ownership.

The Dayton Dragons and CYMI Holdings are honored to award Charlynda, Dabriah, and Jamaica with the Dayton Dragons Dream Big Award, which recognizes impactful local entrepreneurs that are making the Dayton region a better place to live and play.