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The Dayton Dragons and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield have been partnering since 2004 to bring Dragons fans the heartwarming Home Run for Life program. Each season, Anthem and the Dragons recognize five brave children who, with the help of their families, physicians and health care team, are presently battling or have successfully overcome significant medical events in their young life.

Home Run for Life events are promoted in advance through newspaper ads, radio spots and the Dragons game program, Play Ball. A personalized newspaper ad in the Dayton Daily News tells each honoree's story a few days prior to their event. The honoree also records their own radio spot telling their story. And the honoree's photo and story are featured on the fold-out inside front cover of the complimentary Play Ball game program handed out to all 8,000+ attendees on the night of their Home Run for Life.

During each Home Run for Life, Anthem hosts the honoree and his/her support team of family, friends, doctors and Anthem representatives in a luxury suite. The honoree gets VIP treatment including Dragons souvenirs, a chance to meet and get autographs from Dragons players, and a behind-the-scenes stadium tour.

Each honoree is recognized on the field during an inning break. The honoree, their family and support team are taken onto the field and the honoree gets to take a symbolic lap around the bases to a standing ovation from the crowd.

HRFL #1 - Mason Moeller (May 8, 2019)

In November of 2014, Mason Moeller's mom, Lisa, arrived home to be met with a concerned babysitter. Mason had slight congestion which developed into severe fatigue, labored breathing and excessive vomiting as the night went on. The next morning, Lisa and Mason's dad, Kevin, drove a very tired 15-month-old Mason to their family doctor. What seemed like an ordinary trip to the pediatrician, turned the Moeller family's life completely upside down.

Because of Mason's condition, doctors immediately transferred him to the ER. After many failed IV attempts, doctors performed an intraosseous infusion (I.O.); a procedure where doctors drill the medication directly into the bone marrow of the shin. Mason's parents soon learned he was in diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and had type 1 diabetes. The next 24 hours are difficult. Giving too much medication to bring Mason out of DKA could result in brain damage; not giving enough medication could result in death.

According to doctors, Mason had picked up a common childhood virus. Typically, antibodies will fight off the illness however Mason's body mistakenly fought off the insulin-producing beta cells in his pancreas destroying them. This kickstarted a sudden onset of type 1 diabetes symptoms. Now unable to produce insulin on his own, Mason will have to wear an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor for the rest of his life.

Even with all the advances in blood sugar monitoring and insulin delivery, it can still be a challenge for Mason. "Having type 1 diabetes makes me nervous because if I don't regularly check my blood sugar, I could get really sick. But it makes me, and my mom and dad happy when we see clear results."

Today, Mason is a spunky little 5-year-old and a preschooler at Anna Elementary. Mason loves eating ice cream and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. Though he is young, Mason is well educated in the technology and necessities that come along with type 1 diabetes.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the Dayton Dragons applaud all those who have been instrumental in Mason's life, including his parents Kevin and Lisa, siblings Brea and Tucker, Dr. Pfeifer, and his entire medical team. Please join us in cheering on Mason as he completes his Home Run for Life at Fifth Third Field on May 8.

HRFL #2 - Charlotte Caraway (May 29, 2019)

In March of 2014, Charlotte Caraway was born seemingly a healthy baby. Mom and Dad, Stephanie and Matt, brought baby Charlotte home to be met with three very excited older sisters. It was at her 15-month check-up that doctors saw that Charlotte was losing weight and her abdomen distended and hard. Because of that and a few other symptoms, doctors recommended her to go through imaging. The results came back, and the Caraway family was transferred directly to the ER.

It was in the ER when Stephanie and Matt learned about the tumors on Charlotte's kidneys. Coincidentally, a member from the National Wilms Tumor Board was at the hospital that night and knew exactly what doctors were looking at. In June of 2015, Charlotte was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor and scheduled to start treatment a week later.

Wilms tumor is the most common type of childhood cancer that starts in the kidneys. While these tumors are most often occurring in just one kidney, Charlotte was bilateral meaning both of her kidneys were affected by this cancer. Through her chemotherapy treatment, the tumors began to shrink, and in October of 2015, Charlotte was able to go through surgery to remove the tumors and parts of her kidney.

For nine months, Charlotte had no evidence of disease. That was until November of 2016, when doctors had found a relapse in the cancer cells and spots forming on her kidneys again. This kick started a vicious 12-month cycle of chemotherapy, but as Thanksgiving of 2017 approached, scans were cancer free. Knowing life is unpredictable, Charlotte says, "Each time I go to the doctor's office, I am nervous that they will find cancer again. But I try to stay strong for my parents and my sisters."

Today, Charlotte is a fierce 5-year-old and a preschooler at Memorial Presbyterian. Charlotte loves being active outdoors and cannot wait to spend time with mom this summer planting flowers.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the Dayton Dragons applaud all those who have been instrumental in Charlotte's life, including her parents Stephanie and Matt, siblings Elizabeth, Catherine and Caroline, Dr. Wright, and her entire medical team. Please join us in cheering on Charlotte as she completes her Home Run for Life at Fifth Third Field on May 29.

HRFL #3 - William McCoy (June 2, 2019)

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HRFL #4 - Levi Suttles (July 3, 2019)

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HRFL #5 - Bailey Stager (July 31, 2019)

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For more information on the Home Run for Life program, please contact Brandy Guinaugh at