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Employment Opportunities

Food and gas prices keep rising...need some good news? The Bulls have a solution whether you are a college student, teacher, retiree, or just someone who wants a little summer cash. Some positions make up to $100 per game! Make money while working at one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country with Minor League Baseball's most iconic team. Apply now!

What We're All About

We are passionate, driven, problem solvers who are dedicated to bringing fun and community to all who need it
We are never satisfied with the status quo
We are in it together. We maintain a culture that is fun, wildly productive, and fully supportive of our mission and values

Part Time / Game Day

We are a place that creates experiences that enable people to focus on fun and community. These experiences delight our customers, exceed their expectations, and deliver smiles on their faces.

We are looking for teammates that put the WOW into the ballpark experience.

2024 Positions

Most likely your smiling face will be the first our guests see when arriving, and last they see before heading home. By helping control and direct traffic and parking near the ballpark pre and post game, you’ll have a direct impact on the guest experience.

Apply for the position if you can’t stop smiling and are comfortable being a compass to guests who may need a little extra help finding where they are going.

Our picnic areas are reserved for groups looking to enjoy a night out at the DBAP along with co-workers and friends. These areas provide food and drinks specifically for the group renting them. Upon arrival guests in these areas will be greeted by your shining personality. Your goal will be to make sure that everyone is where they should be by checking their tickets and providing them with a wristband.

Apply for this position if you identify with Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. We want everyone to “Be Our Guest”!

Are you a high energy individual who enjoys a little bit of chaos? Understanding that some of our younger fans need to run around and get some energy out, our Wool E. World Attendant will make sure our mini Bulls fans have a safe space to enjoy their time out at the DBAP. You will be responsible for operating our attractions, keeping them clean and maintaining safety for our young and enthusiastic Bulls fans.

Apply for this position if you are generous, kind, and young at heart. We’re trusting you with future Bulls fans.

Do you take pride in a job well done? Hate to see messes all around you? As Mike Rowe said on his show Dirty Jobs, “It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it?” We want our guests to never have to think about the wrapper stuck to their shoe, or see an overflowing garbage can. This is one of the most important game day positions, which can impact a guests desire to come back again and again.

Apply for this position if like Oscar, trash makes you grouchy.

Grinning ear to ear, your game experience will be spent attending to your section by helping our guests find their seats, keeping your area trash free and fan friendly. You have the most direct, face to face experience with our fans. As a Seating Bowl Host, you’ll have the unique ability to impact the guest experience by being front and center for them. Our guests may not remember who won or lost the game, but they’ll remember their interactions with you.

Apply for this position if you have boundless energy and thrive on making people smile.

As our guests arrive looking to find the perfect seat for their Bulls experience, you’ll be their ready to help out with open arms and a smile a mile wide. Like Sherlock Holmes (but without the hat), you’ll be able suggest and get the guests their ideal seat. You’ll enjoy the fast paced environment of our Ticket Office, and at the end of your shift remark, “Wow, that went by fast!”

_Apply for this position if you enjoy puzzles and mystery novels. _

The fun starts with you. Your interaction with our guests as they walk through the gates of the DBAP will set the tone for their night. You get to be their first experience at the ballpark. Like a genie from a bottle, you are making our guests dreams come true by scanning their ticket and getting them in to the ballpark.

Apply for this position if you are outgoing, love interacting with people, and have a little bit of street performer in you.

If you like to get down and dirty, this position is for you! We’re just a bunch of sweaty, hands in the dirt, hardworking individuals that get it done! Baseball is an event but it’s still a show and we the grounds crew, put on the best show possible. Day or night, there is always something to do on the Grounds Crew. Problem solvers, quick reacting, heavy lifting, and fast movers are some of the qualities needed for this job. So, come join the Durham Bulls Grounds Crew if you want to hit the ground running with the most fun crew in the business.

Apply for this position if your spirit animal is Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs

Do you want to be part of one of the most successful brands in all of sports? To be a Swag Specialist you’ll need to bring your outgoing, friendly and enthusiastic personality to every Durham Bulls game. Our team members/specials assist our guests in their mission to find that perfect piece of Bulls swag that identifies them as a member of the Bull City.

Apply for this position if you’re a shopaholic who has to know where someone got that amazing shirt!

Perfect for anyone with an outgoing and friendly personality to provide excellent customer service to guests ordering from our full bar menu of beer, wine, and mixed drinks. You’ll be responsible for maintaining cleanliness of your area and responsible service of alcohol.

Apply for this position if you’re ready to work quickly and love interacting with guests, and love concocting your own creations

Service with a smile. You’ll be helping to feed hundreds of fans every night on one of our party decks by attending to buffet and drink service in these areas. A friendly personality and high attention to detail are needed.

You’ll be successful in this job if you know that the best recipes all have the same secret ingredient…love.

No ballpark hot dog should be without ketchup, mustard, and relish. You’ll be on the concourse tending to the condiment carts and ensuring full supplies of everyone’s favorite condiments and ensuring their cleanliness. High energy, attention to detail and a smile are essential to help deliver this important part of the food experience to our guests.

A successful candidate will provide the "cherry on top" service to our guests as they're integral in ensuring that the ballpark food experience is complete.

A stadium full of guests cannot be served without staff. An enthusiastic, energetic and personable staffing coordinator will aid in the recruitment and scheduling of staff for the food & beverage operation.

A successful candidate will seek and find 5-star future employees and coordinate all their schedules to make sure the ballpark is always up and running

Amazon Prime doesn’t have everything, that’s why the Bulls need a purchasing manager. The Purchasing Manager will be responsible for sourcing and then purchasing food & beverage supplies for the stadium. Attention to detail, accurate counting and a desire to fuel hungry and thirsty guests will help the ballpark deliver the best possible stadium food.

A successful candidate will enjoy shopping on their favorite e-commerce site...but never over does it.

The warehouse won’t run itself, it takes a strong individual to take the lead and make it run like a well oiled machine. From monitoring movement of stock to ensuring equipment is running properly, the lead position will have eyes everywhere to ensure the smooth running of the warehouse. Strong attention to detail and people skills are a must for this behind the scenes position.

A successful candidate will be like a train conductor, keeping everything running smoothly and accurately in a fast-pace environment.

You’ll be the experienced and knowledgeable person floating between all catering areas in the ballpark and jumping into help where needed. You’ll interact with both guests and associates and work as a team to ensure the guests enjoy their time at the ballpark and associates have fun doing their job. Excellent communication and quick problem-solving skills are essential to elevate this food experience for our guests.

Apply for this position if you are comfortable wearing the captain’s armband. You’ll be part head coach, part cheerleader.

While the catering cooks will prepare ballpark staples, they will also be aiding in executing our high-end buffets where you’ll be able to demonstrate your skills in cooking and presentation. A passion for high quality food and working as a team are essential as you navigate the challenges of grilling burgers for feeding hundreds of guests or carefully assembling an artistic vegetable platter.

Apply for this position if you take pride and enjoyment in cooking and food preparation. You know that mustard and mayonnaise go on opposite sides of the sandwich__.

You’ll spend your time “behind the scenes” working to make our food service operation clean and safe for all guests to enjoy. Your high attention to detail is excellent for cleaning dishes, kitchens, and kitchen equipment. You will also be responsible for taking out trash and aiding in putting away deliveries.

Apply for this position if you always enjoyed the smile on Mr. Clean’s face, have a high attention to detail and enjoy working behind the scenes

You’ll be the experienced and knowledgeable person in the catering kitchen and the person the chef looks to for assistance. Your expertise in cooking and presentation are essential to execute and to guide the kitchen staff towards creating delicious dishes and palatable platters. The kitchen is very high volume producing everything from ballpark staples to exquisite buffets.

You’ll be successful in this position if you agree that Robin is the real reason Batman is so successful.

You’re the king of the cookout. You’re responsible for cooking staples like hotdogs, burgers and French fries so that all of our guests can experience the DBAP with their favorite ballpark foods. You will be working with grills and fryers and assembling sandwiches and fried food baskets.

Apply for this position if you’ve got an apron tucked away saying “Why you all up in my grill?”

Multitasking and lending your expertise to a section of concession stands is essential in this position. You won’t be working so much in the stand as helping to give each stand the motivation and boost, they need to get through a Bulls game. Your experience and knowledge will help to guide stands in your section through difficult situations and lines of hungry guests.

Apply for this position if your spirit animals are owls or cheetahs. You’ll need to be smart and have the vision of an owl, mixed with the quickness of a cheetah.

As a Concession Stand Attendant, you will make our guest’s DBAP experience memorable through food. We want our fans to see your smiling face as they pick up their order. You will be preparing and fulfilling orders for guests to pick up. Working together as a team in one of our stands will be fast paced and high energy as you work together on other tasks such as wrapping food and keeping the stand clean.

You’ll be successful in this position if you understand food is best served with a smile and a side of compliments.

You’ll be the experienced and knowledgeable person in the concession stand. You’ll be responsible for making sure the stand is running in a timely and efficient manner to best serve our guests each night. You set the tone for keeping the stand working efficiently in a fun way. You’ll need to make sure that the proper amount of food is ready to be served and that the stand is closed properly at the end of each game.

A successful candidate will understand that you are a conductor of our concession stand orchestra. Your stand will follow your lead and produce a great experience for our fans.

Baseball isn’t baseball without peanut or beverage vendors walking through the aisles. Unabashedly loud and gregarious, we want your personality to shine through. This position entails you’ll be carrying food items right through the ballpark and right to guests in their seats enjoying the game.

Apply for this position if you’ve always wanted to be a stand-up comedian, and love making people smile.

Warehouse porter is the perfect position for you if you like working behind the scenes and setting up concessions for the next event. We’re counting on you to move stock around the ballpark and maintain the warehouse storage areas. Heavy lifting and multitasking are necessary for this sometimes-unsung important position.

A successful candidate will be like Batman. Both strong and an unrivaled attention to detail.

Other 2024 Positions

The Bat Person assists the home and visiting clubhouse managers before, during and after Durham Bulls home games. This individual will retrieve bats and carry baseballs to the umpire during games as well. Must be able to lift 50 pounds unassisted, perform during the game and work all Durham Bulls home games.

Click here to apply!

The Clubhouse Attendant assists the clubhouse manager/supervisor in performing daily clubhouse duties for the 2023 baseball season from March to September.

Click here to apply!

Members of this team will be expected to entertain fans at Durham Bulls Athletic Park from the time they get out of their cars until they get back into them. They will be responsible for leading entertainment sections of the ballpark and participating in entertainment segments throughout the game.

Entertainment Team members should be very outgoing and willing to go the extra mile to entertain fans at the DBAP. Entertainment Team Members will be expected to attend brainstorming sessions and rehearsals to grow the entertainment factors of Durham Bulls games.

These members will be instrumental in assisting Wool E. Bull and other costumed characters on game days with time management and mascot handling.

Candidates should have great time management and organization skills along with an upbeat, outgoing personality!

Candidates may also have the opportunity to perform in costume for some events.

This position requires availability to work all home games which includes holidays, evenings, and weekends.

These individuals will assist with on-field entertainment operations pre-game, between innings and post-game including but not limited to finding participants for between inning contests, running between inning contests, assisting in t-shirt tosses and any other game day need.

This position will also help in operating the Fan Engagement booth during games. Candidates should have great time management and organization skills along with an upbeat, friendly, outgoing personality!

Internships / Trainees

Do you want to be part of a team that puts forth the values of:

  • Prioritizing people and customers over all else
  • Making time to mentor and coach new teammates
  • Hiring people with infectious enthusiasm
  • Working hard to provide continuous growth opportunities for the team

Then this is a place for you! See what current openings we have or apply for future opportunities if you are not sure what interests you right now, but know that the Durham Bulls is the place you want to be.

Full Time/Front Office

Want to be part of a team that puts forth the values of:

  • Experiencing reasonable autonomy, planning and executing our own work, without the impediment of overbearing managers or procedural red tape
  • Our employees see it, own it, and do it
  • Encouraging innovation and experimentation. We never say, “this is how we have always done it” and if something doesn’t work, we learn from it and move on

Then this is a place for you! See what current opportunities we have or apply for future opportunities if you are not sure what interests you right now, but know that the Durham Bulls is the place you want to be.

Durham Bulls Job Fair - Sat. January 29 (9am-1pm)

Join us at the Durham Bulls Job Fair on Saturday, January 29 from 9:00am-1:00pm! Work where you play and be part of an exciting, fast-paced environment while earning a competitive wage with great tips. Apply today by clicking here and join us on January 29.

Interviews will take place on-site for jobs including Concession Stand Staff, Catering Staff, Bartenders, Ticket Sellers, Retail Workers and more!

To learn more, check out You can also contact [email protected] or call 919.647.7772

You can also view more information about employment opportunities with the Durham Bulls by clicking the link below.

Front Office Opportunities

For a full list of front office opportunities, please click here.

Seasonal Employment

Are you energetic, friendly, reliable, and FUN? Don't miss this opportunity to join America's Favorite Minor League Team...The Durham Bulls! New seasonal positions are posted all the time, so be sure to check back regularly for new opportunities. To see what's available with the Durham Bulls:

  • Click here
  • Find the job you wish to apply for and hit 'Apply'
  • To apply for a job with Bull City Hospitality - the Bulls' food and beverage company - visit

If you to choose apply for a position, you must first create an account which will make future applications for positions faster and easier.

Some of the positions available:

  • Hospitality Crew - Looking for friendly, out-going people to greet fans, direct people to their seats and answer their questions
  • Sports Turf - Hard working, dependable individuals to on and maintain the field at the DBAP
  • Promotions Team - Energetic and fun individuals to run on-field promotions and assist with game entertainment
  • Retail Staff - Friendly, customer service focused people needed to assist customers in the Ballpark Corner Store

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do you pay? - Seasonal positions pay $8.50 per hour with some great Bulls perks.
  • When would I work? - There are 70 home games between April and the end of August. Games are mainly on nights and weekends. We require seasonal staff to be available for a majority of those dates (rain or shine). Season employees do not work on non-game days.
  • How old do I have to be? - You must be 16 years old to work for the Durham Bulls.