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Education Day

Presented by

Join the Fredericksburg Nationals for a day of learning and fun at the ballpark! Teachers and students are invited to take part in Education Days with the FredNats, presented by F.H. Furr, where they can have an educational experience through a baseball game.

There will be a pre-game program, exhibits on the concourse, educational material throughout the game, plus educational sheets students can complete.

Have your class experience a field trip they will never forget!

Contact the FredNats for more information and to book your school!

Please note, the ballpark is CASHLESS!

Game Dates

Wednesday, April 17th

Wednesday, May 1st

Wednesday, Sept. 4th

Gates open at 10am, with first pitch at 12:05pm for all three games.

Tickets & Lunches

Please note that all orders must be finalized 12 days before selected game date. Tickets are all first come, first served, based on availability.


The FredNats Education Days are designed to be field trip opportunities for schools and educational groups to attend a FredNats baseball game during the school year. These games have an 11:05am start time to allow the schools to treat them as field trip opportunities. Education Days feature displays, programs, and community groups will on the concourse with a brief pre-game presentation on the field.

Education Day tickets cost $5 per student with an option to purchase a lunch at $4 per person.

Teachers, admin, and bus drivers DO NOT need to pay for tickets, however if they are interested in the lunch option, they DO need to pay for the lunch.

Yes, any additional chaperones (parents, guardians, etc.) outside of school or school district staff must purchase a $5 ticket.

The gates will open on our Education Days at 9:45am; that is the earliest your school or organization may enter the stadium. The game itself will begin at 11:05am. There will be an assortment of education presentations and displays on the concourse and on the field pre-game for your students to check out.

Since baseball does not have a game clock, a specific end time is not exact. Typically, a game will last anywhere between 2.5-3.5 hours. However, if your school or group needs to leave before the end of the baseball game, the FredNats can help your school or organization with exiting the stadium, please contact us for further details.

If your school does not want to purchase our lunch option that is perfectly okay. Your students may bring their own sack lunches; however, they may not be brought into the stadium due to various health, food, and minor league rules and regulations. We will have an area set up immediately outside the gates for your group to eat their lunches. The FredNats will also have a variety of delicious food and treats for purchase throughout the stadium.

Our lunches will be set up buffet style where groups will be assigned a time to lineup and grab their food. Students will be handed each item of the lunch (hot dog, popcorn, drink, and ice cream) as they pass through the line. Times will be communicated with the schools as we get closer to the date of the game.

If you have a student with a dietary restriction, they are permitted to bring their own lunch with them into the stadium. Please contact the FredNats to make us aware of any of these needs in advance.

If you have students that have may need medical assistance (daily medicine, potential allergy related injections, etc.) please contact the FredNats to make plans to have a certified nurse from your school or county on site to administer any medical needs.

Per our stadium guidelines, fans are allowed to bring in one (1) un-opened plastic water bottle or a refillable water bottle into our stadium. There are also drinking fountains located throughout the stadium.

Yes, all of our Education Day seats will be located behind our 35-foot-tall safety net. However, there is the possibility of foul balls, bats, and other objects from the field flying over the net and into the stands.

You may request a preference for seats, however due to the volume of requests, you are not guaranteed to receive your preference.

The FredNats do not require a payment upon signing up for the Education Day. Our staff will contact your school after receiving your interest form and slotting seats for your school. From there, we will communicate with your school on any changes to the attendance and lunch numbers. nce those numbers are finalized, we will send your school an invoice for those tickets and lunches.

For the 2020 season, we request you to pay for your finalized ticket and lunch numbers with us by Thursday, April 30th by 5pm.

Once your tickets are paid for, the FredNats will mail or drop off your tickets and lunch vouchers at your school.

Unfortunately, the FredNats will be unable to refund unused tickets once they are paid for.

In the event of a rain out, the FredNats will work with the schools to distribute vouchers to all Education Day ticket purchasers redeemable for a future 2020 FredNats game.

Do you have a question not covered by our Q&A? Please contact us at 540-858-4242 to reach a representative.