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Non-Profit Fundraising

The Nashville Sounds Non-Profit Fundraising Program is a creative alternative for fundraising rather than bake sales, car washes, or candy sales!

Are you ready to have some fun this summer? We put the "FUN" back in fundraising!

Read the Q&A below for further information.

What volunteer would our group be doing if we were to fundraise through Centerplate's program?
Centerplate allows non-profit group volunteers to volunteer for a variety of tasks in the Concessions department at the Nashville Sounds. Your group would most likely be volunteering in a concession stand on the concourse of the stadium, preparing and selling food and beverage products during Sounds games.

How many events must our group volunteer at if we sign a contract with Centerplate at the Nashville Sounds?
All volunteer groups must commit to working at least 10 events per year, as this will net your group some return on the time invested in training.

How much money can our group expect to fundraise by volunteering at the Nashville Sounds?
We pay 8% of net sales. It depends on the size of the stand but typically $300 to $400 per game.

What are the lengths of the fundraising shifts at the Nashville Sounds?
Volunteers need to be in the stadium and preparing the stands about 2 hours ahead of event start time. Volunteers are also responsible for cleaning and balancing the stand after the event. This results in average shift lengths of approximately 5 hours for volunteers. Shifts can be either shorter or longer than these times-these are the averages.

How long does it take to get started with fundraising at the Nashville Sounds?
Your group will need to fill out group and individual contracts, recruit a group coordinator, and then get both volunteers and managers trained.

How soon does our group receive our donation checks from Centerplate?
The first check to your group is likely to take at least two weeks from the time you work an event.

What if our group does not have liability insurance through our organization?
If your group does not have liability insurance, we will provide that for you, deducting a portion of your group's fundraised funds each time you volunteer. Consider checking with your group, however. Many organizations cover liability for fundraising in their standard insurance plans.

Are there up-front costs associated with your fundraising program?
There are NO up-front costs that a group has to pay to begin fundraising with Centerplate. There is some required training (orientation, manager training and frontline training), however, that each group volunteers must attend before volunteering for the first time. Manager training is for the stand manager. Manager must also train in TIPS or alcohol service training.

How many people can we bring to volunteer at an event at one time?
The number of people needed to staff an event depends on the attendance for that event. But generally, we can accommodate anywhere from about 10 to 15 people from your group for a given event.

What do we need to wear when volunteering an event?
Each volunteer is responsible for wearing KHAKI long pants, a WHITE shirt, and CLOSED-TOE-AND-HEEL shoes to the stadium. We will provide a clean smock, bib apron, and team-appropriate visor for every event, to be worn over your street clothes.

Where can we park while we are volunteering at an event?
Parking is available around the ballpark. We cannot park in the ballpark parking lot as this is reserved for fans attending the game. You and your group volunteers are responsible for finding parking.

Do we get a break or time to eat during an event?
We will work with you to provide any necessary breaks for your group members.

What events are available for fundraising?
Any and all events at First Horizon Park are available for fundraising. Click here for a schedule.

How do we get started fundraising with Centerplate at the Nashville Sounds?
Once your group has decided that this is the right fundraising opportunity, you will need to fill out the group contract. A Federal tax ID number and W-9 form are necessary to complete this paperwork. All 6 contract pages need to be returned to us; you may either mail them to us or fax them in. This allows us to enter your group into our database as an active and approved group, and then your group volunteers may attend training in preparation for volunteering at your first event.

Click here to send us an e-mail to get started!