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Whites & Grays and Blues & Reds... Introducing the WooSox Threads

August 17, 2020

A “Starting Lineup” of 9 jerseys plus 7 caps debut on Construction Workers, Front Line Heroes, and Boston & Worcester Major League Players.

A “Starting Lineup” of 9 jerseys plus 7 caps debut on Construction Workers, Front Line Heroes, and Boston & Worcester Major League Players.

WORCESTER, MA – The Worcester Red Sox today celebrated the two-year anniversary of the announcement that they would build a ballpark in Worcester by unveiling the club’s official on-field game jerseys and caps for their inaugural season at Polar Park in 2021.

The display of “Whites & Grays and Blues & Reds…Introducing the WooSox Threads” took place at the intersection of Plymouth and Summit Streets overlooking centerfield at the Polar Park construction site, just a block away from Green Street in the city’s resurgent Canal District.

A “Starting Lineup” of jerseys—each worn by a Polar Park Construction Worker—were accompanied by four former major leaguers: Steve Lyons, Lenny DiNardo, Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd, and Worcester’s own Ryan O’Rourke. Seven varieties of caps were also unveiled.

When introduced, one by one, construction workers from Central Massachusetts took off their protective green vests to reveal jerseys featuring the name of the city, the nickname of the team, or the iconography of the club.

The nine jerseys include three whites, two reds, three blues, and one gray.

  1. The Classic Worcester Whites—first revealed Sept. 17, 2018—displayed the name of the city in red letters, along with a navy cap bearing the Classic Worcester W in red—all in the original Red Sox font.

  2. The Beautiful Worcester Reds with the City Seal on the sleeve—first revealed Nov. 12, 2019, when the club retired No. 6—show the name of the city in white letters in the Red Sox font, accompanied by a navy cap and red bill, featuring the heart-shaped W in red.

  3. The Navy Worcester Blues, making their debut, feature the name of the city in white on navy, again using the Red Sox font. The jersey, which can be worn at home or on the road, was shown with a red cap and navy bill, featuring the Classic Worcester W in navy, again in the Red Sox font.

  4. The Classic Red Sox Whites—showing the continuity of the Boston Red Sox, the Pawtucket Red Sox, and now the Worcester Red Sox—were shown with the navy cap and red bill and featuring the Classic Worcester W in red, in the Red Sox font.

  5. The Vibrant WooSox Reds, bearing in white script the team’s nickname for the first time, were shown with the navy cap and red bill, featuring the heart-shaped W in red.

  6. The WooSox Whites were introduced with the team’s nickname in red script, shown with an all red cap featuring the heart-shaped W in white.

  7. After the WooSox Reds and WooSox Whites, the WooSox Blues were unveiled in navy, featuring the WooSox script in red—shown with a navy cap and red bill, featuring the heart-shaped W in red.

  8. The fun Batting Practice Jerseys in navy with a red heart-shaped W (that can also be worn in games) bear the insignia of the WooSox’ mascot and Worcester’s native son, Smiley Ball. The jersey was accompanied by a navy cap that also bears the image of Smiley Ball—intended to be a hit with kids of all ages.

  9. The Classic Road Grays, batting ninth, and worn only on the road, showcase the name of the city boldly in red. This jersey was shown with the traditional navy cap with the heart-shaped W.

“We look forward with eager anticipation to the proud name of Worcester adorning our jerseys both at home and on the road,” said WooSox President Dr. Charles A. Steinberg. “Just imagine: from Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester down to Norfolk, Charlotte, and Georgia, and into such Midwest cities as Columbus, Louisville, and Indianapolis, the city’s name will become a presence throughout the Americana of America.

“Fans across the nation might learn how to spell Worcester’s name—and maybe even pronounce it.”

Thanking the construction workers and donning the garb were these four former major leaguers:

  1. Worcester’s own Ryan O’Rourke—in the Classic Worcester Reds

  2. 2004 World Champion Lenny DiNardo—in the Classic Worcester Whites

  3. 1986 American League Champion Oil Can Boyd—in the fun new WooSox Blues

  4. And longtime Red Sox super sub (and king of baseball’s greatest uniform-related blooper), NESN analyst Steve Lyons—in the WooSox Reds--who quickly scooted off with the whole wardrobe to show on NESN before and after the Red Sox-Yankees game from New York.

Leading off the launch was a WooSox Productions video of notable Worcesterites donning the gear, including heroic doctors and nurses from UMass Memorial Medical Center’s DCU Field Hospital. Another video depicted actual Boston Red Sox taxi squad members wearing the WooSox jerseys and caps.

Polar Beverages and Table Talk Pies, generous partners of the WooSox, provided drinks and pies for attendees this afternoon. The WooSox also thank the Mercantile Center, and Wormtown Brewery, who all helped make the event possible.

After the event, the WooSox opened a pop-up merchandise shop from 5-7 p.m. outside Table Talk Pie’s “The Pie Store” on Green Street. The shop, which will have the latest WooSox merchandise for sale, is open to the public. Later this week, the WooSox will set up merchandise shops at the Mercantile Center, Thursday morning from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. (and again the following Thursday, August 27 at the same time and place), as well as at Wormtown Brewery this Thursday evening from 6-8 p.m.