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2019 Guaranteed Giveaway Policies

On the date of the giveaway item, all guaranteed giveaways will be held and picked up at the Cantina in the Café Area (not the Ticket Office as in years past). Potomac Nationals Staff will be there with a list of all Season Ticket Holders by plan (Full, Half, and 7-game) that have guaranteed giveaways with the number of items that will be held for each person/account.

The Cantina will open for guaranteed giveaway pick up upon first pitch of the game and will remain open throughout the game. When you go to pick up your item, Potomac Nationals Staff will check the Season Ticket Holder's ID with the guaranteed giveaway list. Season Ticket Holders will then initial the list confirming the items have been received.

The Cantina will only be used for that specific date's giveaway item. As guaranteed giveaway items are held for two weeks fully guaranteed, picking up giveaways after the date of the promotion will be handled in the Ticket Office. After two weeks have passed since the giveaway date, the items are subject to availability.

More Information

Contact the Potomac Nationals Ticket Office

703-590-2311 x229

For current ticket policies, please click here.