How Well Do You Know Your Nuts?

The Great Lansing Lugnuts' Name Quiz!

By Jesse Goldberg-Strassler / Lansing Lugnuts | September 26, 2019 4:35 PM

Approaching the Lansing Lugnuts' 25th season, the Lugnuts have tangled with some of the best that the Midwest League has had to offer, from Mike Trout to Clayton Kershaw, and from Fernando Tatis Jr. to Wander Franco. They've also had to deal with some of the best names that the Midwest League has had to offer, from Henry Henry to Jose Jose, and from Sicnarf Loopstok to Makesiondon Kelkboom.

How well did you know your Lansing Lugnuts names?

Check out the answers below...



Question 1.

The Lugnuts have had some thunderous nicknames over the years, including several repeat monikers. Which of the following Nuts was not nicknamed "Boomer"?

  Thomas Collins III, 2015
  Jared Potts, 2012
  Rhame Cannon, 2005

Rhame Berley Cannon's real nickname was "Chip." Chip Cannon is a great name.


Question 2.

The biggest crowds in the Midwest League come to Cooley Law School Stadium every 4th of July... and one player over the years had a patriotic name to match. Which of the following was the real name of a Nut?

  Francis Scott Key
  Abraham Lincoln
  Alexander Hamilton

He didn't go by Francis, though. He went by Scott Key, much more of a baseball name.


Question 3.

Y? Because! Which of the following Y quartets isn't made up of real Lansing Lugnuts first names?

  Yorkin, Yban, Yeyfry, Yonardo
  Yorman, Yennsy, Yeltsin, Yuber
  Yule, Yannigan, Yeronimo, Yethro

In order:
1st row - Yorkin Ferreras, Yban Esterlin, Yeyfry Del Rosario, Yonardo Herdenez
2nd row - Yorman Mayora / Yorman Rodriguez, Yennsy Diaz, Yeltsin Gudino, Yuber Rodriguez


Question 4.

Jake Thomas drew 40 walks in 37 games in 2017 before he was promoted to Dunedin. Back home in New York, however, everyone called him by his middle name rather than Jake, his first name. Why wasn't he called by his middle name in Lansing?

  Because 'Gunnar' was taken by teammate Gunnar Heidt
  Because 'Bo' was taken by teammate Bo Bichette
  Because 'Vladimir' was taken by teammate Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.

It's true: His name's Jake Gunnar Thomas, but Gunnar was already taken so he had to reluctantly go by Jake.


Question 5.

2019 Post-Season All-Star closer Cre Finfrock's given first name, pronounced "cree," is shortened from Finfrock's namesake, a relative on his father's side. What was his namesake's full first name?


It's his father's great-great-uncle. According to Cre, there have been a number of different descendants through the years who've been named after him. It's a proud family tradition.


Question 6.

First baseman Rowdy Tellez, a Lugnuts All-Star in 2015, is now in the Major Leagues with the Blue Jays. Rowdy's given first name, though, is Ryan. Why was he nicknamed Rowdy?

  He idolized Rowdy Roddy Piper
  He was a rowdy pregnancy for his mother
  He was the best seven-year-old boxer in his neighborhood

Yes, Rowdy was given his nickname before he was even born. Check it out.


Question 7.

Which of the following Minor League Baseball cities was also the name of a Lugnuts player?


Modesto Villarreal pitched in 15 games for the Lugnuts back in the inaugural 1996 season.


Question 8.

Food time! Which of the following choices is not the name of a Lugnuts player?

  Gary Coffee
  Rocky Cherry
  Dalton Casserole

Gary "Mr." Coffee played for the Lugnuts in both 1996 and 1998. Pitcher Rocky Cherry, his given name, made it to the Major Leagues for 40 appearances between 2007 and 2008. But nope, no Dalton Casserole.  


Question 9.

The Lugnuts have featured some tough names to pronounce over the years. Which one of the following pronunciations is completely and totally wrong?

  Jeremy Gabryszwski: gab-er-RIS-kee
  Jason Leblebijian: leb-le-BEE-jee-in
  Marc Rzepczynski: rizz-zip-CHIN-ski

The first letter in Rzepczynski is entirely silent. Zep-CHIN-ski is the proper pronunciation for the Major League southpaw, who pitched for the Lugnuts in 2008.


Question 10.

Only one Lugnut has ever shared his name with a hit show. Who was it?

  Joey Metropoulos - The Joe Metropolis Power Hour in Seattle
  Nash Knight - Nash Nights Live in Nashville
  Chase Mallard - The Chasing Mallards Duck Hunting Show in Tallahassee

When Knight played for the Lugnuts in 2017, host Shawn Parr was delighted to come out to Bowling Green Ballpark to meet him. 


Question 11.

Two of the following lists include all Lugnuts first names. Can spot the one that includes only last names? 

  Abel, Lex, Pierre, Timm
  Adaric, Ferenc, Reidier, Uriak
  Jandin, Kramer, Mattingly, Welinton

1st row - Nate Abel, Josh Lex, Gustavo Pierre, Jordan Timm
2nd row - Adaric Kelly, Ferenc Jongejan, Reidier Gonzalez, Uriak Marquez
3rd row - Jandin Thornton-Murray, Kramer Champlin, Mattingly Romanin, Welinton Ramirez


Question 12.

When you have over 800 players, chances are you'll have a few variations in last names. Which of the trio of names below were real Lugnuts surnames?

  Nolan, Nolen, Nolin
  Rodrigue, Rodrigues, Rodriguez
  Simpson, Simson, Simmson

Kevin Nolan (2010-2011), Walt Nolen (2004), Sean Nolin (2011)


Question 13.

The 2011 Lansing Lugnuts had some terrific nicknames. Which one of the following was not one of them? 

  Dayton 'Red Planet' Marze, since his last name was pronounced 'Mars'
  Lance 'Baby Bull' Durham, a nickname passed down through his father, Leon, the original 'Bull'
  Drew 'Cheese' Permison, since his last name was pronounced like 'parmesan' and he threw hard

Lance Durham's broken bat is still used in the home broadcast booth to hold up the window.


Question 14.

Why did 2013 Lugnuts standout closer Andrew Sikula go by his middle name of Arik rather than his first name?

  All four of his brothers also were named Andrew, named after their father
  The 2013 Lugnuts featured five other Andrews on the team
  The Blue Jays have a strict "No Andrew" policy

Just like George Foreman.


Question 15.

Let's finish with initials. Which of the following pairs has something wrong with it? 

  LJ Talley and LB Dantzler: 'Lil Jason' Talley and 'Lil Brad' Dantzler
  JD Davis and DJ Neal: 'Jonathan Davis' Davis and 'Dexter Junior' Neal
  KC Hobson and TP Waligora: King Christopher Hobson and Thomas Peter Waligora

Every other name is perfect... except for KC Hobson, whose initials stand for Kristopher Clell Hobson. His father, Butch, a former Major League player and manager, named KC after himself. Butch's first name is Clell.



0-2 right: (Richard) Boring
3-6 right: (Aaron) Attaway
7-10 right: (Carl) Wise
11-14 right: Star(lyn Suriel)

And if you get all 15? As far as we're concerned, you're on the same level as the Great Balbino Fuenmayor, and that's high praise indeed.


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