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The Official Site of the Louisville Bats Louisville Bats

Front Office

2020_Vic Gregovits

Vic Gregovits

2020_Greg Galiette

Greg Galiette
Executive Vice President

2020_Scott Shoemaker

Scott Shoemaker
Sr. VP of Stadium Operations


2020_Michele Anderson

Michele Anderson

2020_Becky Reeves

Becky Reeves
Accounting Assistant

Marketing & Communications

2020_Tony Brown

Tony Brown
Director of Marketing

2020_Nick Curran

Nick Curran
Director of Broadcasting

2020_Will Starnes

Will Starnes
Director of Business Intelligence

2020_Jules Clyne

Jules Clyne
Marketing Coordinator

2020_Kevin Burns

Kevin Burns
Community & Media Relations Intern

2020_Jillian Waitkus

Jillian Waitkus
Director of Promotions & Events

2020_Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson
Director of Communications

2020_Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas
Manager of Game Entertainment

2020_Annelise Hackney

Annelise Hackney
Promotions & Events Intern

2020_JT Murphy

JT Murphy
Social Media Intern

Corporate Partnerships

2020_Steve Brice

Steve Brice
Director of Corporate Sponsorships

2020_Haile Urquhart

Haile Urquhart
Business Development Manager

Ticket Sales

2020_Andy Waldo

Andy Waldo
Director of Ticket Operations

2020_Michael Harmon

Michael Harmon
Corporate Marketing Manager

Alex H

Alex Harrison
Corporate Marketing Manager

2020_Aiden Cora

Aiden Cora
Ticket Operations Assistant

2020_David Barry

David Barry
Corporate Marketing Manager

2020_Kristen Stonicher

Kristen Stonicher
Corporate Marketing Manager

2020_Brett Jones

Brett Jones
Ticket Operations Assistant

2020_Ryann Schuessler

Ryann Schuessler
Ticket Operations Assistant

Team & Stadium Operations

2020_Nathan Renfrow

Nathan Renfrow
Stadium Operations Manager

2020_Keith Fandel

Keith Fandel
Field Operations Manager

2020_Jose Alvarado

Jose Alvarado
Mechanic/ Landscaper

2020_Aaron Fink

Aaron Fink
Director of Field Operations

2020_Todd Shafer

Tod Shafer
Seasonal Assistant Groundskeeper


2020_Matt Strader

Matt Strader
Director of Merchandise