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Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Benefits

 ✔  Game ticket

 ✔  Speed pitch/carousel voucher

 ✔  Visit from Buddy Bat

 ✔  Birthday party meal

 ✔  Souvenir for birthday boy or girl

 ✔  Videoboard recognition

Meal Options

Option 1: Chicken Tenders Meal

Chicken Tenders (3 each), Mac & Cheese, Fruit Salad, Lemonade & Popcorn

Option 2: Pizza Meal

Two Large Papa John's Pizzas, Popcorn & Lemonade

Please note: Additional pizzas may be ordered for a cost of $22 each (in advance only). Special items (i.e. cases of Pepsi, cases of bottled water) may be ordered for an additional fee.

Seating Chart