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Rip It Lesson Instructors

If you are interested in scheduling a lesson please email us!

Domonic Brown

Hi! I'm Domonic Brown a former member of the Reading Fightin Phils and a Philadelphia Phillies All-Star. Although I’m retired from playing baseball, I haven’t stopped spending time in the sport. Lately, I’ve been coaching and teaching lessons to a variety of ages.

I am excited about helping the local talent get to the next level. But mostly, I am excited about seeing more kids play and enjoy the game of baseball. It is something we can do together as a community and it begins right here at Rip It Baseballtown Charities with these clinics and lessons.

In my teaching and coaching I like to focus on the athlete’s approach. It is important to come at each and every at-bat and play on the field with the right mindset and mental fortitude. I want to teach kids to become students of the game. This approach sets a player up for success. I like to be laid back and straight to the point with my athletes, which is a coaching style that I learned was most effective when I played the game.

I see development in both individual and group lessons. The one on one aspect is great for personalized instruction in a very relaxed environment. In a group setting, kids will learn to push each other to their greatest potential. It also can help simulate a game-like situation which can help the instructor see different outcomes.

Greg Edge

Greg Edge has found a way to pass his love of the game onto the youth in our local community. Edger, as he’s known, has long been a staple of the R-Phils, both as a player and as a staff member. He is also a part of the Berks County Bulls coaching staff. Edger has extensive baseball knowledge and incredible teaching skills.

The King of Baseballtown, Greg Edge has been giving lessons for 10 years. His coaching style centers around teaching the basics and fundamentals of baseball. This is important to focus on with young athletes so that you do not have to reteach bad habits later in life. The important ‘little’ skills, such as footwork, patience, baseball awareness, and the perception of good pitches. This gives a player the chance to be successful by fully understanding the game. No matter what level someone is at they must continue to practice the fundamentals to further build their skillset.

Edger details the importance of bringing a lot of fire to every practice and game. Playing with energy allows the team to be better invested in the ballgame and ultimately have more fun and see more success. An athlete can’t sit back and wait for the game to come to them. When it is time to do something, an athlete has to be ready to do it.

Greg is a big advocate of Rip It Baseballtown Charities. He believes the facility gives the kids a great opportunity and a supportive place to go. It gives athletes another channel to learn how to play the game and is really a blessing in the community.

Bekah Slattery

Hi! My name is Bekah and I have been giving lessons for 8+ years in pitching, hitting, fielding, and catching. Pitching is my bread and butter highlighted by the All-American honors I received from my time at Lock Haven University. Growing up I wish I had more female role models, because the ones I had in college were fantastic instructors and kept things fresh and fun. I hope to be a role model to young girls so I like to tailor my coaching style to each individual person. I relay information in a way that I know is best for them and I am extremely animated! I also like to give homework or drills so that there is something to take away from each lesson and athletes can learn that get out what you put in.

Group lessons are another great way to practice your softball skills. Athletes can learn together and help one another get better. They can become each other’s reminder of what to fix and they can practice together. My main goal throughout the lesson is to make sure the information is conveyed to the athlete successfully and they are able to process what is being said. Good communication is key so that athletes can understand how to make active adjustments and correct themselves on the fly. I like to make it fun to keep the athlete engaged and wanting to come back to learn more! It is extremely rewarding to watch them grow as people and as players.

Mike Spidale

Hello everyone, Mike Spidale here. I was a professional baseball player for twelve years and played with the Reading Fightin Phils for six seasons. My coaching style focuses on positive energy and building confidence. I work to slowly fine-tune an athlete and help bring out their best. I like to guide players to become comfortable with themselves so that they play better and ultimately have more fun!

I specialize in hitting as I hold the all-time record for hits with the R-Phils. I work on fundamentals and doing things the right way. It is important to focus on the simple things first to become a better baseball player. When I teach lessons, I stress the importance of the basics, but I understand that every hitter is different. I work to make small adjustments while not trying to completely change a hitter. Being comfortable with your stance and set-up will bring out confidence which leads to success. As a former player I know baseball is a hard game and I understand what everyone is going through so I really try to connect with the players. If an athlete gives 100% all the time, good things will happen.

I am also very committed to keeping that same energy and comfortability with group lessons. The players will get the very same work, drills, and activities in as they would one on one. I will still tailor the lesson to each kid, but they will be rotating through observation. Not only is this a cost-effective option, it also allows athletes to have a familiar face alongside them. Plus, it gives them an opportunity to learn from each other and practice together outside of the lesson.

There’s no better place to grow the game of baseball then right here in Berks County with Baseballtown Charities. The charity provides endless opportunities and I am always excited to be a part of it.

Joe Harris

Hi everyone! I am Joe Harris, a native of Douglassville, PA and a former professional baseball player. I now coach and teach lessons in the local community and have been with Rip It since it first opened. I also coach for the Berks Bulls and specialize in pitching.

I think baseball is a great way to give kids opportunities and through my lessons I hope to set kids up for success. I consider any baby step taken to be a success! This keeps kids involved and interested in coming back for more.

My style is a balance of intense and demanding instruction that is also engaging and fun. All athletes are different and there is no cookie cutter system. I like to cater my direction to what each person needs individually.

It is important that kids practice what we go over at home because that's what we build on each lesson. Working on a skill repeatedly is the best way to make it a habit that will shine through during a game.

I teach both private and group lessons. Groups are more laidback and great way to start out if you are new. Once you are comfortable, I recommend transitioning to private lessons that are more personalized. Either way, I know you'll have fun and take steps to become a better baseball player!

Eric Valent

· Baseballtown Hall of Famer