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50/50 Raffle

River Cats 50/50 Raffle at Raley Field

During your next game, take two minutes to pick up a raffle ticket benefiting the River Cats Foundation and you could go home a winner! New at Raley Field this season, fans have the opportunity to participate in our 50/50 raffle and win big prize money. One lucky fan will take home half of that game's total amount raised while the other half will be donated to the River Cats Foundation or other benefiting partner of the night.

The River Cats Foundation was created to serve and benefit children and families in need in our Sacramento area. Each year the foundation focuses on a specific area. For 2018, the Foundation is focusing on after-school (non-sports releated) programs in the Sacramento region.".

Interested in benefiting from a 50/50 raffle at a River Cats game? Contact Daniel Mason for more information.

For more information on the 50/50 raffle process, please email us at

Thursday, April 4 A128094 $3,272 Not Claimed
Friday, April 5 B261405 $1,083 Claimed
Saturday, April 6 C155648 $2,427 Claimed
Sunday, April 7 D267277 $1,908 Claimed
Monday, April 8 E336778 $640 Claimed
Tuesday, April 16 F223689 $724 Claimed
Wednesday, April 17 G198835 $1,169 Claimed
Thursday, April 18 H232006 $1,126 Claimed
Friday, April 19 I125815 $1,995 Claimed
Saturday, April 20 J336813 $2,523 Claimed
Sunday, April 21 K323424 $1,450 Claimed
Friday, May 3 M195941 $1,962 Claimed
Saturday, May 4 M120651 $2,819 Claimed
Sunday, May 5 N367914 $2,271 Claimed
Monday, May 6 O189061 $640 Claimed
Tuesday, May 7 P205191 $616 Not Claimed
Wednesday, May 8 Q166882 $509 Claimed
Thursday, May 9 R152790 $1,191 Claimed
Friday, May 10 S192851 $1,542 Claimed
Saturday, May 11 T432031 $2,252 Claimed
Sunday, May 12 U235339 $2,623 Claimed
Monday, May 13 V333566 $853 Claimed
Tuesday, May 21 X311123 $370 Claimed
Thursday, May 23 Y154647 $1,035 Claimed
Friday, May 24 Z227254 $2,834 Not Claimed
Wednesday, May 29 A401565 $754 Claimed
Thursday, May 30 B111860 $1,221 Claimed
Friday, May 31 C401195 $1,719 Claimed
Saturday, June 1 D196061 $1,925 Claimed
Sunday, June 2 E436200 $1,364 Claimed