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Fundraising with the Curve

Fundraiser Books

Looking for a quick and efficient way to help raise money for your group? We've got you covered with our Fundraiser Books, presented by McDonald's! Fundraiser Books are sold in an order-form format with no contract and no minimum. You'll only pay for the books you sell AND earn money for your organization.

Our Fundraiser Books, which are perfect for a family of four, are sold by your group for $25. Your organization keeps $8 per book sold. If your group sells 25 books, that would be a profit of $200 that goes right to your organization!

Fundraiser Tickets

Another way for your organization to do some fundraising with the Curve is through our fundraiser tickets program. Your non-profit can purchase a lump sum of tickets at a discounted rate, sell them for face value and you keep the profits! See the chart below for the different fundraising ticket rates based on section and amount of tickets purchased up front.

Fundraiser Ticket Options
Fundraiser Min. # of Tickets Earnings per ticket 200+ on Terrace Level 500+ on Terrace Level 200+ on Grandstand Level 500+ on Grandstand Level
McDonald's No Minimum Fundraiser No Minimum $2 $8 $7.50 $6 $5.50
Large Group Fundraiser 200 $3-$4 $7 $6.50 $5 $4.50

Your organization must be a 501(c) non-profit to purchase tickets for a fundraising effort