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Employment Opportunities

The BlueClaws are hiring! With the 2024 season set to begin on April 5th, the team is hiring a group of hard-working, energetic professionals for a wide variety of gameday staff positions. Applications are now being accepted online and interviews for these seasonal gameday positions will begin shortly.

"Our gameday staff is the backbone of our operation, and they mean so much to our success," said Kevin Fenstermacher, BlueClaws Assistant General Manager for Stadium & Baseball Operations. "We are looking forward to another great Job Fair and welcoming in a new set of valuable employees to help provide the best experience for our amazing fans this summer."

Current Open Positions

Click here to apply for general gameday positions.

Click here to apply to be a Mascot Performer.

Click here to apply to be an Emcee.

Click here to apply to be a Camera Operator.

Job Descriptions


Operate all aspects of the register, including cash and card transactions. Maintain an accurate cash drawer, ensuring that all transactions are accounted for by the end of the shift.

Food Runner

Deliver food and beverage items to the cashier for orders purchased by fans.

Back of House

Prepare, portion, and/or cook food items to BlueClaws specifications. Follow all standards to ensure food safety for our fans.

Food Portable Attendant

Take orders from customers, make orders (if necessary), and complete transactions.

Picnic Attendant

Set up, Serve and Break down food areas in Picnic Areas.


Responsible for ensuring the cleanliness and sanitation of dishes, tableware, glassware, pots, pans, and utensils through manual and machine cleaning methods. Additionally, dishwashers are expected to keep the dishwashing area clean and safe.

Line Cook

Prep and cook for a variety of locations across the stadium. Organizes the assembly of the meal/dishes from start to finish.

Prep Cook

Prepare ingredients for Chef. Prep and cook for a variety of locations stadium wide.

Grill Cook

Prepare food on the grill (menu depending) The grill cook monitors the meat’s temperature to ensure it is cooked safely. Required to clean and sanitize the grill and work area.


Mix and serve alcoholic beverages while providing a positive atmosphere for guests while keeping the bar clean and stocked. Previous experience REQUIRED.

Suite Servers

Delivers the highest quality of guest service at all times while serving food and beverages in our Luxury Suites. Previous serving experience REQUIRED.

Food Runners

Support servers and bartenders in moving food and beverage from our downstairs kitchen/warehouse to upstairs Suite Level via service elevator.

Party Deck Attendants

Set -up/breakdown buffet, make sure food is always filled to appropriate level, keep tables clean and clear of any food or trash.

Grounds Crew

Daily warning track maintenance, pre-game and post-game field preparations. Tarping infield during inclement weather. Candidates should have the ability to carry at least 50 lb. while running and to stand for long periods of time.

Mascot Performer

The BlueClaws are looking for an energetic performer to become team mascot Buster for select games and community appearances. The performer will meet fans, take pictures, interact with the crowd, and work closely with the BlueClaws marketing and promotions team to showcase the BlueClaws team.

Security Guard

Ensuring the safety of fans and employees throughout the ballpark. Responsible for enforcing all facility rules and regulations.

Parking Attendant

Collect money and direct fans to their designated parking area, as well as participating in on-field promotions.

Bat Person

Responsible during the game for collecting bats and balls from the field of play while keeping up with the pace of play. Also responsible for helping Clubhouse Managers with various tasks as assigned (including filling water coolers, cleaning dugouts, etc.) Must be able to bend, lift, and carry up to 50 lbs.

Kids Zone Attendant

Responsible for collecting money and providing customer service, as well as ensuring The Boardwalk, Mini-Golf, and inflatable areas are safe, clean, and well-maintained. Creating a positive experience for children and parents/guardians.


Responsible for welcoming fans and checking tickets at one of our hospitality areas, ensuring the correct people are entering the area and are receiving wristbands corresponding to their tickets.

Box Office Attendant

Facilitate the purchase and exchange of tickets at the Box Office on the day of the game.

Camera Operator

Control and operate mobile and stationary cameras. Frame camera shots for live field productions as directed. Utilize equipment to enhance production. Follow shoot schedule and directions from the Technical director. Help with camera setup and set preparation for the game.

Show Control

Operating Daktronics show control computer relaying images to the video board via the game day script for in game actions, head shots, rotators, sponsored spots, and in game promotions.

Audio Control

Controlling the audio levels from a mobile sound mixer on the concourse level.

Music Control

Playing set sounds for in game actions, music for player walk up songs, in game promotions list and stadium wide entertainment throughout the game.

Technical Director

Has the daily responsibility for the technical operations with coordinating the mobile and stationary cameras from the production room.

Instant Replay

Recording of game and making cuts to use highlights of game feed to use later on during in house presentation. Must have knowledge and experience using NewTek 3Play.

PA Announcer

Communicate all announcements, including starting lineups, in-game updates, sponsor messaging, presentations and other announcements as set forth in the game-by-game script. Must Be attentive to pronunciation of player’s names, as well as the rules and flow of baseball. Strong vocal talent with a unique and definitive personality. Ability to multi-task and make timely adjustments in a stressful environment. Comfortable announcing to large crowds of all ages.

Pitch Clock Operator

Operate the pitch clock from the press box. Pay close attention to and understanding of the rules of professional baseball are vitally important for this position, with proper signaling to the in-game umpires. All rules provided by Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball must be adhered to with regards to the pitch clock operation. MLB/MiLB-led training for all Pitch Clock Operators is expected, and mandatory. The ideal operator would have previous experience with professional and/or amateur baseball teams in the press box or as an official scorer

Linescore Operator

The Linescore operator inputs each pitch and in-game action into a computer program that feeds data into the scoreboard and live video stream.

Official Scorer

The Official Scorer makes and announces all decisions related to Rule 9 of the Official Baseball Rules, clarifying scoring rules interpretation to club and media personnel when necessary. The Official Scorer is responsible for confirming the official box score at the end of each game. Keep a detailed scorecard of the game, focusing on every pitch and play. Coordinate approval of the official post-game report with the Stringer prior to its transmission to the statistician. Must have exceptional knowledge of the Official Baseball Rules, and especially Section 9 of OBR.


Input each pitch and in game action into a computer program that feeds data into Major League Baseball’s Official Stats Network. Responsible for validating all information and uploading the data after the game.

On-Field Emcee

The On-field Emcee will assist in all aspects of BlueClaws pre game, in-game and post game promotions. The BlueClaws are looking for an enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate individual to be a voice of the stadium as the On-Field Emcee.

Promotions Team - Claws Crew

Fan-interactive and energetic person that will work the majority of BlueClaws home games. The Claws Crew is responsible for the implementation of fan engagement, sponsorship activation, in-game entertainment, and brand marketing. Staffers can earn extra work hours through community outreach including planned marketing trips and Buster appearances on non-game days or before games.

Mascot Performer

The BlueClaws are looking for an energetic performer to become team mascot Buster for select games and community appearances. The performer will meet fans, take pictures, interact with the crowd, and work closely with the BlueClaws marketing and promotions team to showcase the BlueClaws team.

Day Time Cleaning Crew

Clean the stadium after each home game; including but not limited to: picking/removing trash, cleaning restrooms, blowing the concourse and seating bowl area, cleaning the parking lot area, and washing down concourse and seating bowl area. Must be able to carry up to 50 pounds.

Game Day Porter

Oversee the cleaning of bathrooms and concourse during the games. Will also assist the game day hopper crew with removal of trash and overall stadium cleanliness.

Day Time Warehouse

Receive, arrange and store incoming deliveries. Stock all stands to par. Keep the warehouse area neat and clean. Must be able to bend, lift, and carry up to 50lbs. This is a daytime position but may be needed to overlap into some games.

Night Time (Gameday) Warehouse

Finish storing incoming deliveries. Finish stocking stands to par. Fulfill orders to concession stands and food portables throughout the park when called for. Must be able to bend, lift, and carry up to 50lbs.


All Team Store staff are expected to be friendly and welcoming to Fans! You will be responsible for operating all aspects of the register, including cash and credit card transactions. You will help maintain the cleanliness of the Claws Cove before/during/after games. Team Store staff are responsible for hitting nightly sales goals as individuals and an overall goal as a team, providing outstanding customer service is non-negotiable!