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Event Update: Friday, July 3 @ 12:00 PM:

In light of recent developments, and the fact that spectator sports are not allowed under the existing executive order from Governor McMaster, we must postpone Tuesday’s event. Once orders allow for spectator sports to resume we will work to reschedule the event. Tickets already purchased for the event will be refunded. Purchasers can expect to see funds returned within 7-10 business days. As always, the safety of our fans, staff, and community are our top priority. Stay safe and we look forward to hosting you at the ballpark when the time is right.

Weather Update: Thursday, June 25 @ 11:00 AM:

Due to weather we are going to have to postpone tonight’s softball game. The make-up date is set for Tuesday, July 7. Gates will open at 5:30 PM and first pitch is scheduled for 7:05 PM. Tickets for tonight’s game will be valid for July 7 and there is no need to exchange your current ticket for a new one. If you have any questions regarding your ticket purchase please email [email protected] for assistance.

Weather Update: Tuesday, June 23 @ 3:30 PM:

With the safety of all players and fans in mind, and due to a forecast consisting of scattered showers capable of heavy rain and frequent lightening as well as 1-2 storms that could produce strong enough wind to cause damage, Tuesday & Wednesday's games have been postponed until Friday (June 26). Friday will now feature a doubleheader beginning at 6:00 PM with gates opening at 4:30 PM. Game two will begin shortly after game one. Senior Night ceremonies will still take place prior to each game. Tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday’s game are valid for Friday and there is no need to exchange your tickets. Thursday’s softball game will continue as planned.

About Seniors Last Swing

Seniors Last Swing is a high school baseball and softball series featuring local seniors at TicketReturn.Com Field. The series features 60 baseball players and 24 softball players from 12 schools across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee. June 26 will feature a baseball doubleheader and July 7 will feature softball a game.

The 2020 graduates will be honored each night during a special pre-game presentation similar to traditional Senior Night ceremonies. In addition to the pre-game ceremony the night will feature a full-scale game production by the Pelicans staff including live production, players headshots on the video board, and more.

Tickets for the series are available now at Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under. Seating for this series is general admission and precautions will be taken by the Pelicans staff to block off seats to allow for appropriate social distancing. As a general practice, no tickets will be printed and handled on-site. Advanced tickets are only available online and attendees are strongly encouraged to buy in advance due to the limited amount of seating available. Tickets will be available on-site at the Anderson Brothers Bank Box Office each night of the series beginning at 5:00 PM; however, box office personnel will text tickets to a customer’s mobile device rather than distribute a printed ticket.

Baseball Rosters

Player High School Birth Date Position(s) Bats Throws Height Weight College
Alan Ayala Loris 9/11/2002 Outfield R L 5’6 165 Undecided
Jacob Black Loris 10/30/2001 Catcher R R 5'8 180 Clemson University
Cooper Bryson Socastee 8/28/2001 2B, SS L R 5'6 140 USC-Sumter
Lance Caines Loris 5/20/2002 Utility R R 6'0 170 Southeastern Community College
Sean Campbell Socastee 3/10/2002 1B, 3B R R 6'0 210 Coastal Carolina University
Gage Conner Loris 10/28/2001 Utility L L 6'0 185 Tri County Technical School
Riley Cooper Aynor 10/21/2001 Pitcher, Catcher, 3B R R 5’7 180 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
CJ Daymiel Socastee 4/25/2001 1B R R 5'10 220 Military
Christopher Hartley Socastee 3/11/2002 2B R R 5’7 150 Wofford College
Jermaine Johnson Loris 11/6/2020 Outfield R R 5'9 151 Culver- Stockton College
Tayton Martin Aynor 9/7/2001 1B L R 5’11 155 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
ant Prosser Aynor 7/2/2002 Pitcher, 3B, SS, Outfield L R 6'1 180 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
Justin Ricciardi Socastee 3/20/2020 Pitcher, LF R R 5’11 150 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
Gage Richardson Aynor 11/27/2020 2B, 3B, SS R R 5'9 160 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
Joey Yura Socastee 9/23/2001 Pitcher R R 5'10 175 Arizona
Player High School Birth Date Position(s) Bats Throws Height Weight College
Tanner Babson West Brunswick 2/5/2002 Pitcher, CF R R 6'1 175 Brunswick Community College
Conor Berry West Brunswick 8/16/2002 1B R R 6'1 177 Brunswick Community College
Ian Black West Brunswick 9/18/2020 Pitcher, Catcher, 3B, Utility R R 6'0 210 Brunswick Community College
Ben Davis Carolina Forest 11/7/2001 Outfield R R 5'8 150 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
Tyler Davis Carolina Forest 11/7/2001 Pitcher, CF, Utility R R 5’8 155 Francis Marion University
Nolan Edwards Carolina Forest 10/25/2001 Pitcher, 2B, 3B, SS, RF R R 5'10 190 University of South Carolina Lancaster
Luke Hardee West Brunswick 1/9/2002 Pitcher, 1B, 3B, Outfield R R 6'1 183 East Carolina University
Brody Hughes West Brunswick 1/24/2002 LF R R 6'0 160 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
Peter Maggio Carolina Forest 11/8/2001 2B, 3B, Utility L R 5'8 175 Coastal Carolina University
Brendan Meehan Carolina Forest 10/13/2001 1B L L 6'0 180 Rhodes College
Reid Miller West Brunswick 10/1/2002 Pitcher, Outfield R R 5'9 180 East Carolina University
Derek Rogers Carolina Forest 1/29/2002 2B, 3B, SS R R 6'0 175 University of South Carolina Lancaster
Nick Rosier West Brunswick 9/21/2002 2B, 3B, SS, Utility R R 5’11 185 Brunswick Community College
Hunter Steagall West Brunswick 8/1/2002 2B, 3B L R 5’10 162 Brunswick Community College
David Wellons Carolina Forest 4/30/2002 Pitcher R R 6'3 230 CCU or HGTC
Jordan Wilkes West Brunswick 10/30/2001 Catcher, Outfield R R 6'1 175 East Carolina University
Name High School Birth Date Position(s) Bats Throws Height Weight College
Billy Ackershoek Waccamaw 7/9/2002 Pitcher, Outfield R L 6'0 155 College of Charleston
Nikko Andre St. James 8/2/2002 Catcher L R 5'10 190 Newberry College
Will Brackett Waccamaw 9/26/2001 SS R R 5'11 175 Clemson University
Ethan Brown Myrtle Beach 11/26/2001 Pitcher, LF, RF R L 5'9 180 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
Cameron Burgess Waccamaw 9/20/2001 2B, 3B R R 5'8 173 Limestone College
Matt Carom Myrtle Beach 7/17/2002 2B, 3B R R 5'8 145 Coastal Carolina University
Coleman Christian Waccamaw 11/15/2001 Outfield R R 5'8 160 Clemson University
Jack Diamond Waccamaw 8/5/2002 Pitcher, Outfield R R 5'11 150
Marshall Freeman St. James 2/13/2002 1B, 3B L R 6'6 210 Florence-Darlington Technical College
Shaw Keough Waccamaw 11/28/2001 1B, Utility R R 6'4 235 University of Arkansas
Derek McPherson Myrtle Beach 10/29/2001 2B, SS R R 5'7 165 Wofford College
Zach Saxton Waccamaw 5/30/2002 Pitcher, Catcher, 3B, RF R R 5'9 160 Limestone College
Randy Smith St. James 11/29/2001 CF, RF L L 6'1 170 Southeastern University
Shawn Taylor St. James 3/13/2020 Pitcher R R 5'10 170 Coker University
Name High School Birth Date Position(s) Bats Throws Height Weight College
Jon Allen Conway 3/15/2002 1B L R 6'0 180
Ethan Damron Green Sea Floyds 10/17/2001 Pitcher, Catcher, 3B, Outfield R R 6'1 190 Clemson University
Donovan Fields North Myrtle Beach 1/30/2002 2B R R 5'6 145 University of South Carolina
Anwain Graham Green Sea Floyds 9/28/2001 Pitcher, 3B, CF R R 5'11 180 Francis Marion University
Grant Hall Georgetown 6/11/2002 Pitcher, Outfield R R 6'0 155 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
Jeremy Jones Conway 9/4/2001 Pitcher R R 6'0 175 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
Colton Kingston North Myrtle Beach 8/1/2001 CF R R 5'9 170 Southeastern Community College
Corbin McCarty Conway 7/10/2020 Pitcher, SS R R 6'0 148 Florence-Darlington Technical College
Lucas McDowell Green Sea Floyds 5/5/2002 LF, RF R R 5'11 185 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
Zachary Naillon North Myrtle Beach 7/16/2002 1B, RF R R 6'1 170 University of South Carolina
Will Owens Georgetown 6/22/2002 Pitcher, 1B R L 6'0 175 University of South Carolina
Lane Rogers Conway 6/13/2020 1B, 2B, LF, RF R R 5'10 175 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
Cory Thompson North Myrtle Beach 7/28/2002 Pitcher, LF, RF L L 6'0 155 Clemson University
Guage Tyler Green Sea Floyds 3/11/2002 1B R R 6'1 200 Horry-Gerogetown Technical College
Kahle Watson Green Sea Floyds 6/7/2001 Catcher R R 5'11 Coastal Carolina University

Softball Rosters

Name High School Birth Date Position(s) Bats Throws Height Weight College
Leah Boyle Carolina Forest 12/23/2001 Outfield L L 5'0 115 Coastal Carolina University
Shelbie McKelvey Carolina Forest 4/19/2020 2B, SS R R 5'6 140 Coastal Carolina University
Alexis Burford Myrtle Beach 5/28/2002 Pitcher, Utility R R 5'5 200 Spartanburg Methodist
Graysann Compton Myrtle Beach 5/14/2020 Catcher, 1B L L 5'7 150 University of South Carolina
Caroline Elswick Myrtle Beach 11/7/2001 2B, Outfield R R 5'2 145 Clemson University
Riley McVittie Myrtle Beach 3/12/2002 LF, RF R R 5'6 145 University of South Carolina
Miranda Sullivan Myrtle Beach 3/18/2002 1B, 3B, SS, Outfield L L 5'6 130 College of Charleston
Natalia Guardado Socastee 2/27/2002 Catcher, 1B, RF R R 5'4 155 College of Charleston
Makayla Strichek Socastee 10/15/2001 CF R R 5'3 124 Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Kelsey Gollie St. James 2/27/2002 Cather R R 5'4 150 Coker University
Jenna Lauttenbach St. James 11/6/2002 SS R R 5'7 140 University of South Carolina
Maq Schult St. James 2/15/2002 CF L R 5'6 125 College of Charleston
Brooks Spiva St. James 3/5/2002 Pitcher, 3B R R 5'5 180 Coastal Carolina University
Victoria Tackett St. James 4/27/2002 2B R R 5'5 130 Coastal Carolina University
Grier Brown Aynor 2/4/2002 Outfield R R 5'6 130 Clemson University
Katie Gunter Aynor 2/6/2002 Outfield R R 5'4 120 Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Jules Johnson Aynor 6/4/2002 1B, LF, RF R R 5'4 140 Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Name High School Birth Date Position(s) Bats Throws Height Weight College
Sofi Cruz-Turner Conway 12/19/2001 Catcher, 3B R R 5'6 155 Coastal Carolina University
Mary Owens Conway 10/11/2001 LF, RF R R 5'4 180 Coastal Carolina University
Silinda Pierce Conway 9/10/2001 1B, 3B R R 5'5 190 University of South Carolina Union
Meagan Vause Georgetown 12/21/2001 LF, CF R R 5'2 115 Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Anna Watson Georgetown 5/20/2020 Pitcher, LF R R 5'4 110 Francis Marion
Madison Cox Loris 10/22/2001 3B, LF R R 5'2 122 Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Kenley Jackson Loris 6/20/2002 1B R R 5'9 145 Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Katerra Yeager North Myrtle Beach 8/29/2002 2B, SS, Outfield S R 4'11 110 Coastal Carolina University
Kaylee Jordan Waccamaw 4/19/2002 Pitcher, 1B, 3B, SS R R 5'6 132 Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Summers Ward Waccamaw 4/5/2020 Outfield R R 5'4 130 Clemson University
Riley Young Waccamaw 7/26/2002 3B R R 5'4 160 Lander University
Carly Billings Loris 11/3/2001 CF R L 5'5 125 Brunswick Community College
Clarie Lewis Aynor 10/31/2001 1B, 3B R R 5'11 170 Charleston Southern University
Kayden Ray Aynor 5/30/2002 2B, SS L R 5'4 120 Francis Marion University
Emily Squires Aynor 4/7/2002 2B, CF R R 5'4 124 Horry-Georgetown Technical College