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Team Identities

Now that we've settled into First Horizon Park, the site of the original home of Sulphur Dell with its rich baseball history, we have chosen to rebrand in order to create a more classic baseball look that better reflects our baseball roots and expands from our previous Broadway-centric marks to embrace Nashville in its entirety.

Primary Logo:

Many elements pull together the Sounds primary logo and each are uniquely important to help visualize the brand story. The outer circle represents "the who": the fans and community; while the inner circle depicts "the what" with a simple and sophisticated baseball, a sport Nashville is said to have had organized as early as the Civil War.

Apart from the center Icon (detailed below), the most noticeable element is the twin striping, which was pulled from the Tennessee state flag adopted in 1905. These stripes set opposite each other between the circles as a powerful reminder that Nashville holds important status across the state as its capital


The icon stands for all of Nashville with a stylized 'N' in classic baseball lettering with subtle characteristics derived from the F-hole of a guitar or violin. This singular letter is stitched into caps paired atop three uniform sets the team will wear in 2019 as well as the center of our primary logo to represent everything that is Nashville Sounds Baseball.

Secondary Marks:

The Sounds secondary marks (aka: Jersey Marks) make many of the majority of the designs displayed on the jerseys. The NASH Pick (left) is featured on the sleeves of three of the jerseys and set against six strings. The Sounds Lockup mark (center) is a blend of the Primary and the Sounds script wordmark across the chest of the alternate red jersey. Finally, the Tri-Star Plate mark (right) pulls elements from the flag of the state that calls Nashville its capital and places these iconic stars against a minimalistic home plate design to make a powerful statement declaring Tennessee as "Home".

Tertiary Marks:

The third set of new marks for the Sounds include a Microphone Ball and a navy Music City Ball Club roundel.