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Mud Hens Weather Policy

You know the saying, "it's always sunny and 75 at Fifth Third Field". Ok, not always. Sometimes it rains.

So, what happens if it is raining before the game?

  • The gates will still open one hour before game time.
  • All the Concourse restaurants will be open and ready.
  • Group parties will have their food served.
  • The Swamp Squad will be doing their thing and the mascots will still make their appearance.
  • Oh, and on giveaway days, we'll still pass them out when gates open.

If the rain stops before the scheduled start time, the game goes on as planned. If it's raining when the game is scheduled to begin, and the team can't take the field, a rain delay will be called and a new start time will be determined.

It is very rare that a Mud Hens game is rained out. In fact, the Mud Hens have averaged ONE cancellation per year since 2002. That's because our new turf drainage system can handle up to 12 inches of rain in an hour! (It's amazing to watch the turf crew get the field ready to play after a rain-delay. The tarp can weigh up to 10,000 pounds wet!)

In the rare case a rainout is called, fans will be able to exchange their tickets for a future Mud Hens game.

For the most current status of the game, follow the Mud Hens on Twitter.