HISTORY IS MADE: Celery finally gets its win!

Over 16,000 fans witness Celery retire on top

By Brad Bisbing / Buffalo Bisons | August 30, 2017 11:09 PM ET

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the vegetable that day.
After nearly seven years, there was but one more race to play.
And then when Wing approached the line, and Atomic did the same,
A pall-like silence fell upon the patrons of the game.

The losses preceded Celery, too many for just one soul,
That getting a win in this race, seemed like a far-fetched goal.
So upon that stricken multitude grim melancholy stood,
There seemed but little chance of Celery's night ending good.

But Atomic barely got going, to the wonderment of all,
And Wing, the much despised, looked like it would also fall;
And when the dust had lifted, and men saw what had occurred,
There was Wing firmly in second and Atomic way back in third.

Then from ten thousand throats and more there rose a lusty yell;
It rumbled through the valley, it rattled in the dell;
It pounded on the infield and recoiled against padded walls,
For Celery, mighty Celery, was finally answering the calls

There was ease in Celery's manner as it really started to go
There was pride in Celery's bearing and a smile began to show.
And when, responding to the cheers, it lightly picked up the pace,
No stranger in the crowd could doubt, 'Celery might just win this race.'

Twenty thousand eyes were on it as it passed the bullpen mound;
Ten thousand tongues applauded as it soared along the ground.
Then when the waiving checkered flag first came into view,
Defiance flashed in Celery's eye, it knew what was left to do.

The troubles are gone from Celery's past; it's all about this day
The defeats that piled up for years, are about to fade away
And now Buster waves the flag, and now everyone begins to talk
And the finish line is shattered by the height of Celery's stalk.

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright,
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light;
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children grin
That somewhere is Coca-Cola Field, for Celery finally got its win!


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