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Bisons in Cooperstown

Bisons in the National Baseball Hall of Fame

The Buffalo Bisons are well represented in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Since 1937, a total of 21 former Bisons players, managers or coaches have been forever enshrined among baseball's elite.

The group in the Hall includes names like Pud Galvin, Ferguson Jenkins, Johnny Bench and Joe McCarthy. In fact, in eight of the nine decades from the 1880s to the 1960s, Bisons fans have been able to watch a future member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. And with Jim Thome's induction in 2018, over 6% of all the members of Cooperstown will have worn a Bisons uniform during their careers.

Below are the plaques for all 21 former Bisons in Cooperstown. Click on the pictures below to bring up a pop up window with an enlarged version of their Hall of Fame plaque.

Buffalo Bisons in the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Connie Mack

Inducted: 1937
Yrs with Bisons: 1890

Charles Radbourne

Inducted: 1939
Yrs with Bisons: 1880

Jimmy Collins

Inducted: 1945
Yrs with Bisons: 1893-94

Jim O'Rourke

Inducted: 1945
Yrs with Bisons: 1881-84

Dan Brouthers

Inducted: 1945
Yrs with Bisons: 1881-85

Joe Tinker

Inducted: 1946
Yrs with Bisons: 1930

Herb Pennock

Inducted: 1948
Yrs with Bisons: 1916

Bill Dickey

Inducted: 1954
Yrs with Bisons: 1928

Gabby Hartnett

Inducted: 1955
Yrs with Bisons: 1946

Ray Schalk

Inducted: 1955
Yrs with Bisons: 1932-37;50

Joe McCarthy

Inducted: 1957
Yrs with Bisons: 1914-15

John Ward

Inducted: 1964
Yrs with Bisons: 1877

Pud Galvin

Inducted: 1965
Yrs with Bisons: 1878-85;94

Lou Boudreau

Inducted: 1970
Yrs with Bisons: 1939

Bucky Harris

Inducted: 1975
Yrs with Bisons: 1918-19;44-45

Johnny Bench

Inducted: 1989
Yrs with Bisons: 1966-67

Fergie Jenkins

Inducted: 1991
Yrs with Bisons: 1962

Jim Bunning

Inducted: 1996
Yrs with Bisons: 1953;55

Frank Grant

Inducted: 2006
Yrs with Bisons: 1886-88

Deacon White

Inducted: 2012
Yrs with Bisons: 1881-85;90

Jim Thome

Inducted: 2018
Yrs with Bisons: 1998