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Buffalo Wings Baseball

The Second Serving - Buffalo Wings Baseball!

Because the only thing better than wings is... more wings!

Buffalo Wings Baseball is back in a big way! In a move that will no doubt turn one of WNY's most heated debates from mild to hot to maybe even atomic, the Buffalo Wings have an exciting new design that pays tribute to the often-overshadowed chicken wing; The Flat!

Forever in the shadow of the 'drum,' the 'Flat' in many respects is the far superior chicken wing of the two varieties. From being able to hold more sauce to its exceptional dipping ability, the Flat deserves to be recognized!

'Buffalo Wings Wednesdays' -presented by (716) Food and Sport

No longer will the Buffalo wings play on just one weekend at Sahlen Field.The team will now host 'Buffalo Wings Wednesdays,' presented by (716) Food and Sport. At each event, fans can get $2.00 OFF Tickets by taking any (716) Food and Sport receipt to the Sahlen Field Box Office (max. 4 tickets). Fans will also be able to purchase wings that feature the great sauces and varieties offered by (716) Food and Sport out of 'Wings Central' in the main concourse of the ballpark. A (716) Food and Sport gift card will also be given to a fan after every Wings home run hit. 

Buffalo Wings Wednesdays: June 5, June 19, July 17, Aug. 14 & Aug. 28

  • BONUS: Buffalo Wings vs. Rochester Plates on Monday, July 29 (National Chicken Wing Day)

The Design

The Buffalo Wings new look features a medium sauce 'Wings' script across the chest of a white jersey top with matching medium-sauce sleeves. The 'Wings' is dotted with bleu cheese and is completed with a crunchy celery stalk depicting the team's hometown of 'Buffalo.' Wiping your hands and mouth on your sleeves is now encouraged with the addition of a moist towelette patch on the left arm.

The Buffalo Wings two-toned cap is where the Flat finally gets its due recognition. The superior Flat is shown on a creamy white background, holding a celery bat and poised to hit a bleu cheese baseball right out of the park.

Buffalo Wings Gear