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The Official Site of the Columbia Fireflies Columbia Fireflies

The inspiration for the "Fireflies" name is a particular species of Firefly-the Photuris frontalis-and the amazing behavior of that firefly in the nearby floodplain forest in Congaree National Park. Each spring, as baseball season begins, the Photuris frontalis perform a wonderful and mysterious light show. For a few weeks, hundreds of these fireflies synchronize their flashing each night-they light as one, in unison. The mass synchronization that occurs on the banks of the Congaree is one of only a few places on Earth where such a spectacle is known to take place.

This theme of synchronization and working together is also an apt metaphor for the City and its people. Columbia is a city that comes together to address major issues. Columbia can be counted among the few significant Southern cities that made it through integration in the 1960s without the kind of violence experienced in places like Birmingham and Selma. This relatively peaceful integration process was largely the result of the City "coming together" in the form of the Columbia Community Relations Council, organized by then-Mayor Lester Bates. That spirit of cooperation continues in Columbia today in many forms, including education, arts and cultural events.

The theme also exemplifies Segra Park-a place for everyone in the Midlands to come together. A place with something for everyone and where all are welcome. Segra Park is a year-round gathering place for families, friends and co-workers to create lasting memories together and a place where major community events and milestones are celebrated.

Fireflies is also a fitting name for this "Famously Hot" City. Both the flaming tail at the base of the firefly logo and the "C" and "F" (for "Columbia" and "Fireflies") coming together as a flame are nods to the City's slogan.

As the capital of our great state, our primary wordmark incorporates the palmetto tree and crescent moon from the state flag. 

Our colors are the midnight blue of the South Carolina night sky, a neon green/yellow representing the "flash" of the firefly and a crisp silver used on the wings of the bug.