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Join our Corporate Perks Program!

What is the Fireflies Corporate Perks Program?

Launching in 2023, the Fireflies Corporate Perks Program is a FREE program designed to offer exclusive perks to organizations throughout the Midlands. This program is perfect for any company or organization that is looking for a simple way to provide additional benefits to their employees and their families. The Fireflies Corporate Perks Program is also great for membership groups, clubs, social networks, civic organizations, non-profits, or any organization with a large membership base!

Why should I sign my company up for the Corporate Perks Program?

It is completely FREE to enroll your organization in the Fireflies Corporate Perks Program, in more ways than one! Alongside the program being cost free, it's also completely stress-free for you because our staff does all of the work! Each month we will email you an exclusive offer with a selection of upcoming Fireflies home games. All you have to do is forward the email to your network and your job is done! If any of your members have questions, they will be directed to your personally dedicated Fireflies Ticket Representative who will coordinate everything for the program.

How do I sign my company up for the program?

For your company/organization to be eligible for the Fireflies Corporate Perks Program it must have a minimum of 75 people in it's distribution network of employees, members, customers, etc. Companies/Organizations that are current Corporate Partners, Full-Season Ticket Members, or Half-Season Ticket Members are only required to have 50 people in their distribution network to be eligible.

This program may not be used as a marketing or promotional tool. It may only be used as a benefit to an organization’s existing network of employees, members and/or customers.

To enroll your Company/Organization in the Fireflies Corporate Perks Program, complete the form below. Once completed, your dedicated Fireflies Sales Ticket Representative will be in touch to confirm your companies enrollment in the program.

Corporate Perks Program Enrollment Form