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Meet our newest alter ego: The Carolina Grits

Why the Carolina Grits?

Did you know: 75% of all grits sold in the United States are sold in the south.

Dating back nearly 200 years to its Native American roots, grits have grown within our region for as long as we can remember. Grits are embedded in the history of our region, our state, and our city, so it was only fitting for us to make the Carolina Grits our first food identity.

Grits had its heyday when the combination of shrimp and grits was introduced to the world by South Carolinians. Grown from humble beginnings, grits have become a beloved staple, placed on tables across our region every single day. Grits are so embedded in the history of our state that in 1976, a motion was passed to make grits the state food of South Carolina, quoting them as “a symbol of its diet, its customs, its humor, and its hospitality.” In 1952, the Charleston News & Courier declared "Given enough of it [grits], the inhabitants of planet Earth would have nothing to fight about. A man full of grits is a man of peace.”

So, there you have it. Grits are the key to unlocking world peace, and we are proud to share this part of our culture and identity with the world as we introduce to you our newest alter ego… the Carolina Grits.

The Fireflies will transform into the Carolina Grits 6 times this season, launching the identity on-field during our inaugural Grits Weekend April 26-28th. Throughout the entire season, you can enjoy some local Adluh grits while you're at the game thanks to our new 'Grits, Y'all!' specialty food cart. Beginning April 26th, Carolina Grits merchandise will be available for purchase at The Mason Jar Team Store, the Official Team Store of the Columbia Fireflies, and now the Official Team Store of the Carolina Grits. You can help us name our new Grits character mascot and sign our online petition to make Grits the official state food of South Carolina.

Learn more about the Carolina Grits, learn more about everything just mentioned above, and buy your Carolina Grits Food Fight game tickets below! Keep scrolling, we promise it's some unfor-grit-able content.

Carolina Grits Merchandise

Carolina Grits merchandise is here! The full array of Grits merchandise, including jerseys and the on-field cap, will go on sale exclusively in-store only during Grits weekend, April 26-28. After Grits weekend, remaining Grits merchandise will then be available for purchase online.

Grits Y'all!

Enjoy grits at the ballpark all summer long!