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Group Ticket FAQ's

Q: How do I get started planning a group outing as the Group Leader?

If you have a group of 20 or more, contact the Columbia Fireflies Group Sales Team at (803) 726-4487 where a Columbia Fireflies Account Manager will assist you with planning your night!

Q: How do I commit to purchasing Group Tickets?

The first step in organizing a group outing for your organization is to place a Group Deposit. Your non-refundable deposit of either $100 or $250 will give you the opportunity to select from available game dates, seating and fan experience programs before the public. Group tickets are subject to availability, so place your deposit today!

Q: What happens when I place my initial group deposit?

We anticipate hospitality areas such as the Palmetto Picnic Pavilion, Broad River Balcony, and our concourse suites to sell out for our most popular Fireflies home games including Fireworks nights. By placing your initial deposit now, you secure your spot to take place in our Game Date Selection Process. By placing your deposit early, you are giving your group the opportunity to select your game date and fan experience prior to any new group customer. Group Tickets are still based upon availability, but by making this deposit now you will join our Groups Priority list and are putting your group in the best possible position to have the opportunity to purchase group tickets for next season.

Q: If my group wants to plan group outings for multiple games, how many deposits should I place?

  • Please submit one (1) non-refundable $250 deposit for each game that you would like to purchase group tickets for. One $250 non-refundable deposit is valid for the purchase of up to five (500) group tickets to one (1) Fireflies home game based upon availability. All Group Tickets and Fan Experiences are subject to availability.
  • Please submit one (1) $100 deposit if your group is looking to purchase a group space of 20-100 Group Tickets or a Concourse Suite.
  • Reservations for multiple games or over 500 group tickets to a single game, will require either an additional $250 or $100 non-refundable deposit based upon the number of games your group would like to attend this season.
  • Please contact your Ticket Sales Account Manger today for further assistance planning multiple game dates.

Q: Can I use money on my account that was left over from a previous season for my deposit?

Yes. If you have money remaining on your account, you may use that towards your deposit. However, your order date for the Group Game Date Selection Process will be determined by the date and time you sign and return your invoice back to your Ticket Sales Account Manager with the Columbia Fireflies. You can call (803) 726-4487 to receive more information.

Q: Is our Group guaranteed the same seat location as last season?

All group tickets are subject to availability; your group is not guaranteed the same location as the previous season. Once your group places a deposit, your priority for game(s), fan experience(s), and seat location(s) will be determined by the date and time your deposit transaction is complete.

Q: How much are Group Tickets for the 2022 Columbia Fireflies Season?

Group Ticket Pricing for the 2022 Season will be announced once we begin the Game Date Selection Process. All Groups that choose to renew their group tickets will be able to select their game date(s), seat location, and fan experiences before we go on sale to the general public for Columbia Fireflies Group Outings.

Q: When am I required to pay in full for my Columbia Fireflies Group Outing?

Full Payment is due no later than fourteen (14) days prior to each game date. If you still have unpaid group tickets on your account after the fourteenth (14th) day deadline, the tickets and fan experiences for your group will be void and the seat locations will be released to the general public. Additionally, if you have group tickets reserved on your account past fourteen (14) days prior to your game date your group ticket price is subject to change.

Q: Priority Matters! Why should I place a group deposit today?

  • All groups that renew receive priority to choose their game date over new groups
  • Your group will be able to participate in our exclusive game date selection process
  • The earlier you place a deposit the better group deposit priority your group will receive to reserve your game date(s), seat location, and fan experience
  • All group priority is based upon the date and time stamp of when the deposit transaction is completed
  • First access to reserve your seat locations for your group
  • First access to book your group on a Fireworks Night
  • First access to reserve your fan experience or hospitality area for your group
  • First access to receive Columbia Fireflies group hats for your group

Q: What is the early bird incentive this season if I want to renew early for the 2022 Columbia Fireflies season?

  • Renew your group early by placing either a $100 or $250 non-refundable deposit by Wednesday December 15th. Your deposit will go towards your overall final group ticket purchase. As a token of our appreciation for renewing early you the group leader will receive one (1) Columbia Fireflies Tumbler.
  • Renewing your group early also qualifies your entire group for a complimentary Fireflies Group Hat. Excludes the Bojangles Berm.

Q: When is the Group Renewal Deadline Date?

Place either a $100 or $250 non-refundable deposit by Thursday January 6th, 2022 to join our group priority list. All the individuals within your group will receive a complimentary Columbia Fireflies group hat whiles supplies last!

Q: If you have any additional questions or would like further assistance planning your group outing what do I need to do?

We would be happy to assist you further. Please feel free to reach out to us by calling (803) 726-4487.