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Frequently Asked Questions

When do gates open prior to the game?

Sunday through Friday the gates open an hour before the game.
Saturdays the gates open an hour and a half before the game starts.

What do I do in the event of a rain out?
Check our website,, for updated information on games. If an official game
(4 ½ innings) isn't played then you can exchange your ticket or ticket stub for an equal or lesser value seat to any remaining regular season home game (subject to availability). Rain out tickets must be exchanged at the Senators Box Office and early redemption is highly recommended.

When is the Senators Box Office open?
The Senators Box Office is open year round Mondays thru Fridays from 10am-4pm. On Monday - Friday game days the Box Office is open from 9am until the end of the game, Saturday game days it is open from 10am - the end of the game, and on Sunday game days it is open from 11am - end of game.

In the offseason, the box office is open 10AM - 4PM Monday - Friday. 

When is the Senators Merchandise store open?
The Senators Merchandise store is open

  • Monday- Saturday game days: 11am - 3pm; gates open - end of game.
  • Monday- Friday non-game days: 11am - 4pm.
  • Saturday & Sunday: only on game days from gates open - end of game

Senators' merchandise can also be purchased online at our Online Shop.

Can I bring food or beverages into the ballpark?
Eastern League Rule Article XX Section 19 states: "In the interest of public safety, no cans, bottles, food or containers may be brought into Eastern League ballparks." Senators ushers and security personnel are instructed to NOT allow any food and drink into FNB Field. This includes bottled water.

Where is Hershock's Will-Call located?
Hershock's Will-Call is located at the Senators Box Office and will be available for ticket pick-up during Box Office hours.

Do you have a Lost and Found?
Lost items are kept in the Senators Administrative Offices which is located at the main entrance to the ballpark.

Can I smoke inside the ballpark?
Smoking & vaping is ONLY allowed in the marked area on the back concourse near the VIP gate and on the riverside balcony of the suite level at FNB Field.

Is there an ATM located in FNB Field?
First National Bank ATM's are located next to the FNB Field box office at the entry way an on the riverside concourse behind the main grandstand just outside of the Club entrance.

What is the stroller policy at FNB Field?
Strollers are welcome at FNB Field! While we have no designated stroller holding area, many of our fans use the alcoves by the 200-level seats to store their strollers. We have ushers stationed around the park who are more than happy to help you locate a good place to store your stroller for the duration of the game.

Can I have a message put on the scoreboard?
Any message requests for the scoreboard can be submitted at the over the phone prior to the day of game or at the Fan Services Booth by the 2nd inning on the day of the game. A donation of $15 for each message will be given to SensCare. It is highly encouraged that you submit your video board request prior to the day of game. 

Can I sing the National Anthem before a game?
If you book a group of 20 or more one or more members of the group is eligible to sing the National Anthem (based on availability). If you are interested in booking a group and singing the National Anthem you can visit our Group Outings page. National Anthem auditions are also held prior to the start of each season and are open for everyone to participate. Check the website for audition scheduling.

Where Can I Park and how much does it cost?
Parking is $5 on game days in the main lot on City Island. Handicap parking is available behind the stadium for those with proper placard. Parking for buses is $25. Additional parking is available in the city lots, a short walk across the Walnut Street bridge.

Can I exit the park and re-enter?
Fans can exit and re-enter the game at the main gate by having your ticket stub marked for reentry by the gate attendant.

Are there any exchanges or refunds on my tickets?
Once a ticket is purchased, it is non-refundable and there are no exchanges unless a game does not become official (e.g. rainout, see the Senators rainout policy for more details on the rainout procedure).
The Senators do offer Missed Ticket Mondays. Any unused ticket can be exchanged at the box office for any Monday home game. You can see more details here

What are the Gunn Mowery Club Seats?
The Gunn Mowery Club Seats are all-you-can-eat seats located right behind home plate in sections 108 - 110. The upscale buffet in the club runs from gates open - 1.5 hours after scheduled first pitch time. The menu in the Gunn Mowery Club changes daily but always includes hot dogs and burger sliders and a chef's choice station. The club offers a temperature controlled environment with complimentary soda and water and a full cash bar. The club also has private restrooms.

What are assurance tickets?
The Senators assurance tickets can be exchanged once after the date of purchase should you choose not to come to the game you purchased for. For example, if you purchase for June 5th and another commitment comes up, your ticket can be exchanged for another game of your choosing, for the seating level you purchased, subject to availability. Assurance tickets are the only single game tickets that can be exchanged. 

At what age can children enter the ballpark for free?
Tickets must be purchased for children age 4 and older. Children 3 and under may be admitted to the ballpark at no charge as long as they do not take up a paid seat.

How do I get to FNB Field?
Directions to FNB Field can be found on our Ballpark Information page.

How do I get my favorite Senator's autograph?
Fans may get autographs from the players and coaches from the time gates open until the umpires enter the field of play before the games start. Players may also be available for autographs after the games outside of the locker room entrances. Autographs are given at the discretion of the players.

Can I send mail to the Senators players?
Mail for players can be sent to: PO Box 15757 Harrisburg, PA 17105

How can I receive giveaways/promotional items?
Senators promotional giveaways are limited to the number advertised. Due to unforeseen circumstances, all promotional giveaways and special attractions are subject to change. Giveaways are handed out when the gates open, for all gate times please see above.

Can I bring a back pack into FNB Field?
Back packs and large bags are permitted inside the stadium but are subject to search when fans enter the gates.

How do I get a Senators pocket schedule?
You can mail in a self addressed, stamped envelope to P.O. Box 15757, Harrisburg PA, 17105 to have pocket schedules sent to you.

How do I apply for a part-time job with the Senators?
You can apply for a part time job by filling out our part time application and mailing it to Ashley Grotte at P.O. Box 15757, Harrisburg PA, 17105.

How do I apply for a seasonal internship with the Senators?
All Senators internships are posted on TeamWork Online. Positions are posted in September and hired by mid-November for internships starting in January.